Nintendo Switch is a unique platform for many games, but so far the Japanese console lacked a decent, open world and many pimped-up cars crashing down the streets. EA decided to change this situation: the hybrid console received Burnout Paradise Remastered. How is production going and is it worth reaching for? Feel free to review.

The most-bought production on the Nintendo Switch is still Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and probably no races will quickly threaten the production with Marian in the lead role. Fast car fans have waited a long time to grab the Nintendo console and set off on four wheels into the big, open world. Such an impression is to be provided by Burnout Paradise Remastered and to be completely honest – I did not think that Stellar Entertainment would take care of such a decent port.

What is Burnout Paradise Remastered really?

Criterion Games proposed to the players Burnout Paradise in 2008. After a decade, he plays with a subtitle “Remastered” hit the current generation consoles and personal computers, and recently landed on the Nintendo Switch. Electronic Arts has decided to refresh the races, which, apart from a quite affordable base, also offer all the main expansions. Cops and Bandits, Cult Cars, Burnout Motorcycles or the great Big Surf Island – EA offers a total of eight of the nine DLC packs designed for racing.

Only Time Savers did not hit the Nintendo Switch, but it is not a great loss, because in 2009 developers offered players the ability to quickly unlock all content. Now we cannot afford such attractions, but nobody should complain – you just have to grab the console and play. The set includes almost 100 cars with different legends, go-karts, motorcycles or the ECTO-1 car from Ghostbusters. In addition, we can also check the island that is liked by many players (Big Sufr Island), where we participate in the next races.

In 2008, Criterion Games had the magic that I had already experienced on PlayStation 4 (playing the first remaster) and now again on the Nintendo Switch. The production encourages gameplay: new missions appear at every step, challenges have a solidly refined level of difficulty, and you feel pleasant satisfaction after each winning race. For our efforts, we are rewarded with obtaining new licenses, which allows us to get more vehicles, so the self-propelling machine works and is doing really well.

Burnout Paradise Remastered are known and best attractions

IN Burnout Paradise Remastered In no case can you complain about the content, because if you want to squeeze all the oil out of cars, you have to spend up to 35 hours on the game. Offering all the expansions brings some freedom, because as standard, Burnout Paradise offers quite laborious unlocking of subsequent machines, but having all (important) DLC packages in hand, we can quickly jump into pimped-out cars and easily crush opponents on subsequent corners. Of course, this is not just an option, but players who have already spent many sleepless nights in Paradise City and now want to jump into the game and enjoy the freedom will surely notice it.

However, if you’ve never had a chance to play Burnout Paradise, it’s definitely worth explaining one thing: the game offers a fantastic freedom of fun. Here we come to Paradise City and we can simply drive around a large, open area, and during the journey we unlock new events (circles appear on the map), of which there are several types. When we want to participate in it – we drive up, click two buttons and after a while we start the challenge. Standard race, fight for eliminations, passing selected points, playing tricks with collecting points or trying to escape from aggressors? These are only some of the attractions offered by developers. IN Burnout Paradise Remastered You will also find a number of challenges scattered around the game world – my favorite is ad destruction, which we have to get to by finding special jumps. It is pure pleasure to be able to explore the land of cars and crashes.

However, I am aware that modern players may turn their noses a bit at the assumptions of the original created by Criterion Games. The creators do not really throw a specific carrot in front of us and do not encourage us to go to the next races with any story inserts or even outline any story. Here you have a car and you go. I do not hide – I played on PlayStation 3, played on PlayStation 4, and now I like to destroy the carts on the Nintendo Switch, but from this position you cannot expect even a small story.

Burnout Paradise Remastered – how does it look and work on the Nintendo Switch?

I confess: I was one of the doubters. I didn’t believe that Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo hardware could run at a constant 60fps, but was very positively surprised in this case. The title is extremely dynamic and offers a very exciting experience, because even when racing with several opponents – you can’t feel the relegation. The game uses improvements already known from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and yet it managed to achieve great gameplay that tastes best on a small console screen.

Taking the console in your hand, jumping into a stronger car, you can feel the fantastic speed. There are no significant drops during the game, but I warn you: the developers are playing smoothly with the resolution (1280×720). This means that when traversing the city in the fastest cars, the screen blur problem may arise. Gameplay w Burnout Paradise Remastered it is extremely dynamic and the whole production looks really good, but it took me some time to get used to this effect – otherwise you can hit the wall with your full force. The creators also limit the quality of the textures themselves, but this is standard when porting large games to the Nintendo console.

The situation is similar in the case of large TV games, but in this case the developers took care of the native resolution of 1600×900. However, I must emphasize that for me the most sensible solution in the case of the reviewed one Burnout Paradise Remastered in the Nintendo Switch version is playing the game in a portable version. The title on Big N’s small screen looks really good, and while it’s easy to see that it’s just “refreshing”, it does however, the production offers 60 fps and an eye-catching setting.

Burnout Paradise Remastered is about smashing cars wild

Over the course of the year, I reach for Burnout Paradise Remasteredonce again without disappointing. Taking the production for review, I wanted to see if racing in the open world can handle it on the Nintendo console and I was very positively surprised. The gameplay is surprisingly enjoyable and perfect for console assumptions – I’m not a special enthusiast of playing such ports on a big TV (it makes sense to turn on the PS4 / XOne version), but for a portable release? There is power.

As I mentioned, Burnout Paradise Remastered it does not involve us with hours of history, but it has one more advantage: you can start the game at any time (without paying attention to the events) and play a few races 10 minutes before bedtime. The creators have not forgotten about the online mode, in which we will travel with people around the city or we will take part in several events together. Here, regardless of the selected attractions – the dynamics of arrivals is impressive. Players can also check out Burnout Paradise Party, a party mode in which we can take part in various challenges by handing over the controller while having fun.

Is Burnout Paradise Remastered worth reaching for?

The reviewed Burnout Paradise Remastered for Nintendo Switch is a big and very positive surprise for me. I was one of the doubters, and in the last few days I was grabbing the console at every possible moment to rock a bit around Paradise City. The soundtrack does not disappoint again, the gameplay is surprisingly smooth, and the setting … It’s ok. Of course, this is not a next-gen experience, but given the circumstances: you will be satisfied.

However, there is a small problem here: is it really worth taking? Burnout Paradise Remastered just now? EA is well aware of the mediocre competition (AAA races in the open world on the Switch), so the title went to the eShop for PLN 199. It is a lot, but now you can catch a box for PLN 159-170 … This is still about PLN 40-50 too much for a refreshed adventure that debuted on other platforms two years ago.

However, if you are hungry for sensations: take it because Burnout Paradise Remastered again it does not disappoint.


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