Purchase OnePlus 2 without an invitation? Yes, but only Monday 12 October and for 60 minutes. The initiative inaugurated last year for OnePlus One is also proposed for the 2016 version flagship, aimed at “clearing” the sale of the model presented on July 29th by the laborious and controversial invitation mechanism. The initiative is paired with a teaser anticipating OnePlus X (already treated on the net under the name “mini”), which confirms how next Monday can be rich and important for the next and future strategies of the young company. .

Purchase OnePlus 2 without invitations, therefore, but with some “stakes” – incidentally, the same ones valid last year for One – to keep in mind and which we will discuss below, especially for those wishing to proceed with the order. First of all, the sale of the smartphone will be concentrated in a time span of 60 minutes and staggered into four bands, depending on the continents in which the device will be marketed: in Europe, a factor that interests us most closely, You can buy OnePlus 2 starting from 12:00 until the expiration of 13:00.

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High noon, in short, with the additional purchase limit: two smartphones for every single order, although there are no limits on the number of orders that can be made over the 60-minute period – in a nutshell, you can make more orders, as long as each of these contains a maximum of two OnePlus 2. Another consideration is related rather to the timing of evasion and shipment of the product (s), which could be more extended due to the high demand. We hope that everything will go smoothly – in particular, last year there were, at least for the first free sale – some problems occurred to the server, dictated by the too high number of connections.

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