Normal gamers would almost forget Call of Duty 2. The game became a great success on the PC but became bigger on the Xbox 360. So it’s no surprise that people are still working hard on the game. For example, new maps will be available for the war shooter tomorrow. The following maps can be purchased for 800 points: Amaye sur Seulles, France (Normandy), Antoville, France (Crossroads), Alam Halfa, Egypt (Decotown), Rostov, Russia (Harbor) and St. Louet, France ( Newvillers).

The controls of Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360 have been kept nice and simple. Swap weapons with the Y button, reload with the X button, zoom in with the right analog stick and blast with the right trigger. I quickly learned the controls and sped through the level. But then, on my screen: You’ve got killed by a grenade. WTF! Luckily I had been to a checkpoint just before so I started there again. I thought I was smart because I just knew where the enemies were targeting me. On the contrary, I was wrong. The AI ​​of these guys is amazingly high. They were in places I couldn’t have known. They give each other suppressing fire, etc. This was just intense. Now it’s just getting started.
In terms of multiplayer, it is also a hit, although some say that there are bugs in it. I haven’t had any trouble with this at all. You sometimes come across bunny-hopping noobs who hope to hit something by shooting at everything and everyone. This is quite scary for you as you want to get serious and go through your plans.

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