Call of Duty 2 was a huge success. So it’s no surprise that Infinity Ward is working hard on the 3rd part. The multiplayer mode of the 2nd version was not too good, but after 4 months it was modified and now the game is still immensely popular. After a phone call that would have been made with the developer, everything would have been discussed about version 4 that they would produce. So no expansions, but a completely new game for the console. It wouldn’t be a WW2 setting but a whole new genre (Vietnam? I hope so). In any case, the current Battlefield road is certainly not excluded, where this game walks into the future (1942, Vietnam etc.). Call of Duty 4 would almost certainly be released for the PC, version 3 will be exclusive to the console.

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Now in the phonecall, Grant at Infinity Ward indicates that they are working hard on Call of Duty 4 indeed. No CoD2 expansion packs, but a whole new game. When inquired about the setting of the game, he got awfully quiet though: no confirmation of a WW2 setting, but no denial either. Combining this with the previous rumors, it wouldn’t be unlikely that they are going the Battlefield way and move into modern warfare. Perhaps CoD5 will also be future warfare? Nasty thing is that the IW guys are doing the PC version of CoD4, without any mention or confirmation of a console version. Don’t know about you, but I got lost somewhere trying to understand what the “versioning” means anymore in this franchise. CoD2 had a completely different inferior brother with the same name but another subtitle on other consoles, CoD3 will be console-only, CoD4 might end up PC-only.


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