It’s been a long time since the last article about a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 specialist and, in general, since the last shooter guide from Treyarch and Activision. The title continues to be constantly updated and that’s why we don’t want to stop producing content. The last specialist to have analyzed was Firebreak, in this article we see instead Nomad, coming from the previous chapter of the Black Ops series.

Who is Nomad?

Your “Nomad” Rojas is a soldier who is part of a spec-op unit of the Colombian Elite Rapid Deployment Force. After a Search and Destroy mission, he and his team realized too late that the targets were 20-30 of teammates, thus deciding to split into separate units. The comrades are reported dead, so Nomad pulls himself out of the net to seek revenge. At a certain point, however, Black Ops comes into play, which makes him enlist among its ranks.

As a special ability, Nomad is able to field theK9 unit, a dog that attacks any enemy it faces by tearing it to pieces quickly.
As for the gadget, he can use the Mina Mesh: a particular slingshot that can throw sticky mines that explode as enemies pass. This gear can also be found within Blackout mode.

To unlock the Nomad skin in Battle Royale, you need to complete some objectives. First of all, it is necessary find Juneau Tags and enter them in the Inventory. Once this is done, it is necessary kill two opponents without taking damage and complete the game with the tags present in the inventory.

When to use it?

Having no firearms in equipment, Nomad is a specialist that can be used on any map, regardless of the size of the areas. It is also true that, in open spaces, it will be slightly easier for opponents to take out Unit K9 thrown towards them, but the dog still has a high speed. The Mina Mesh can instead be placed anywhere, regardless of the map areas.

This is the information you need to know about Nomad, a specialist who is very present in games and can be quite annoying. Recall that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and can be purchased on Amazon at a truly exceptional price. Keep following us for many other guides on one of the most loved series of all time.


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