In recent years, shooters have received more and more support, both from fans and developers. In fact, new updates are constantly released to improve the title and to gradually guarantee a better experience. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is one of these games and, after Nomad, here we are to analyze Outrider, a specialist already present in the previous chapter of the series and introduced in this with the update Operation Perfect Strike.

The guides on the specialists of the title branded Treyarch and Activision have resumed a weekly cadence. We therefore hope to be able to be as comprehensive as possible, in order to help you in your choice. Before leaving you to the analysis, we remind you that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC and that you can find it on Amazon at an incredible price.

Who is Outrider?

The story of Alessandra “Outrider” Castillo it can be discovered thanks to the transmissions present in the game and its biography. Raised on the streets of one of the most famous favelas in Brazil, as a young adult she decides to start following a group of wealthy gangsters to discover their intentions. Along the way, however, he accidentally found himself in one of the worst parts of the favela.

Discovered by the gang members, a bounty was placed on her head, but luckily she came across a Brazilian army squad. The squad leader complimented her on her excellent reconnaissance skills and this convinced her to join the army as soon as she turned eighteen. Once in the military, he joined the special forces under the name of Outrider.

Outrider’s special weapon is Sparrow, a bow capable of firing arrows that explode on impact, disintegrating the enemy and destroying any traps in the vicinity.
As a unique gadget it can instead deploy Hawk, a small drone capable of highlighting enemies even through walls, also guaranteeing an extra score in case of a kill.

To unlock the Outrider skin in Blackout mode, you only need to complete one challenge: get 25 high ground kills. Tracking the number of kills is the Tactical Hat, which can be found on the wooden table at the top of the lookout tower in Fracking Tower. Once the objective is completed you will receive the specialist skin for the Battle Royale mode.

When to use it?

Thanks to Sparrow, the Outrider can be considered almost a sniper, as the bow fires single shots even at long distances. However, it is not certain that it cannot be used in small spaces, quite the contrary. The limited-sized zones are ideal for getting a good number of kills, especially if there are multiple enemies inside. All this to say that Outrider can be used in any type of map, whether with small spaces or large areas.

If the map is large you need to have good accuracy, considering that the enemies are constantly moving. In tight spaces, on the other hand, you should have less difficulty, since you could hit an opponent even by shooting an arrow in his vicinity. When used properly, Outrider can be truly devastating, especially with Hawk’s help. It is important, however, not to throw away Sparrow’s ammunition, otherwise it will be serious trouble!


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