E3 is practically upon us and the software houses are preparing for the most anticipated videogame event of the year. The announcement of Modern Warfare has all fans of the most popular shooter ever jumped from their seats, but Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 continues to be supported with periodic updates and DLCs. So here we are back on the series dedicated to the specialists of the title. In the last article we saw Zero, introduced with Operation Absolute Zero, in this we will see instead Prophet.

Who is Prophet?

Born February 2, 2009 in the UK, David “Prophet” Wilkes has always had a great passion for technology. During his time in the army, his parents are struck by an unknown disease, which therefore cannot be cured. So he decides to resign to take care of them until their death, after which he enrolls in the DNI project to strengthen himself in a cybernetic way.

He then begins to improve himself, replacing human limbs with two of a cybernetic nature, enhancing audio and sight. Implant after implant, he manages to make his body 70% cybernetic. He believes that cybernetics is the future for humanity, but that it is a forced evolution on the part of humans. Now let’s see what its equipment includes.

As a special weapon, Prophet possesses the Tempest, a semi-automatic rifle that fires electric projectiles capable of knocking down enemies. Electricity can pass between them if they are placed close together.
The special gadget is instead the Seeker, a homing shock mine that paralyzes enemies on contact, allowing the player to eliminate them.

To unlock the Prophet skin in Blackout, you must complete a challenge consisting of three objectives in Battle Royale. First there is from find the Ocular Prosthesis, available in chests released by helicopters or obtainable by killing an enemy who possesses it. The other two goals are linked, because there is from win a game with three active perks. Once all this is done you can face this mode with the Prophet skin.

When to use it?

Considering the Tempest, Prophet can easily be among the specialists who hit area. His weapon’s ability to deliver electrical strikes to multiple enemies allows him to be very supple. It is clear, however, that the smaller the area, the greater the chances of making a high number of kills, trying to concentrate several opponents in the same spot. So the right choice seems to us to use Prophet in maps made up of small spaces.

This will also give the chance to get a kill with the help of the Seeker, who will find and immobilize a nearby enemy, giving the player time to go and take them out. Prophet is certainly one of the most used specialists, thanks to a very useful special weapon able to decide the games. Before closing, we remind you that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available on Amazon at a great price, we are waiting for you on the battlefield!


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