When we first announced the Xbox One, we saw the game in motion for the first time.

Infinity Ward has taken on no less a task this time than to radically renew the world’s best-selling video game series. THE Call of Duty: Ghosts not even short of innovations, it’s enough to think of dynamic trajectories, our customizable soldiers, or the all-new graphics engine. During the announcement of the Xbox One behind the scenes video, we first saw some of the news in motion, and then the official trailer arrived a few minutes later. According to the story, America’s military and political forces are in ruins, the Ghost corps was organized from the remaining elite soldiers, who can only fight the invaders in a countdown. This time, a dog will also help us progress, further coloring the possibilities. This time, don’t expect Modern Warfare Level 3 giant tank battles, the story prefers the onslaught of guerrilla fighting style. We’ll probably find out more at E3 starting in 20 days. How do you like it so far? How much do you think it will be able to compete with what the biggest rival Battlefield 4 has to offer?


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