The release of the new next-gen consoles has generated great anticipation from fans (and not) of the series: however it seems that the Call of Duty series, with the Ghost chapter, has taken a step back.


This latest episode takes us in the not very distant future, where a new and powerful military force called “Federation”, composed mainly of several states of South America, gives life to a powerful orbital attack from the Odin space station, which brings the entire world power to its knees.
After a brief introduction that makes us participate in the assault on the space station, the real adventure begins, which will take place ten years after the attack. Dive into the role of soldier Logan Walker, the main character of the story, and flanked by his brother David Hesh, we will come into contact with thefamous Ghost team: a special unit of soldiers capable of carrying out high-risk missions while always remaining invisible and in the shadows. Once we join the team of ghosts, we will begin our journey in an attempt to restore peace and regain the territories lost due to the devastating attack carried out by the Federation.


The story, too linear, does not excel very much as a whole, although Infinity Ward has tried to insert here some interlude scene such as the mission in space or the addition, appreciable but little exploited, of the dog Riley, who will accompany us in the first game missions and then disappear permanently. We will face other quite pleasant missions, one of all aboard an armored tank in the middle of the desert, razing enemy vehicles and more, and an attack helicopter, which will prove to be too easy to drive, given that the maneuverability will be limited to lateral, forward and backward movements only.

Few therefore the innovations introduced, which still fail to give a strong impact on the game.

However, all this fails to be at the level of previous chapters such as Modern Warfare or Black Ops, with more charismatic characters and much more captivating stories. What is missing is certainly that something that leads the player to say: “Wow!”. In short, the lack of something stunning and to leave you speechless is the main weakness of this COD: Ghost. An all too linear single player campaign, which touches 5/6 hours of play if faced in soldier mode. Obviously, for those who want to complete it 100% we find scattered documents to be traced throughout the various levels, which however does not increase the player’s interest in replaying it in the future.


Infinity Ward seems to have wanted to take the longest step of the leg. With the arrival of the next-gen, the expectations were many, especially also on the graphic basis, which even here does not seem to excel. The graphics sector appears, from some points of view, not worthy of being up to the new generation, although something good has been done. The graphic design of the weapons is very good, with excellent textures, well detailed that lead the latter to be very similar to reality. Same thing goes for military uniforms, always very well designed and credible. The features of the characters are not, however, up to this new next-gen era, with features that are good, but not excellent. The scenarios, on the other hand, although more extensive and with surfaces that are sometimes unrealistic, still make the game quite enjoyable, with very interesting levels such as the mission in space or in the baseball stadium, alternated with others that are too little engaging. As far as the audio sector is concerned, the work certainly looks very good, the weapons fire in a realistic way, the surrounding sound effects are also very realistic, which instead we cannot say about the dialogues, sometimes desynchronized and delayed compared to the movements. of the mouth. The background music also lacks personality, being sometimes not very engaging and not able to create the right suspense.


Multiplayer is perhaps one of the few things that saves this title. A redesigned and renewed technical weapons compartment, with various devices and equipment, and a very interesting addition of an assault dog. New maps, and the ability to choose whether to play the role of a female or male soldier are just some of the many things implemented in this title. Among the usual deathmatch modes more or less similar to the previous ones, we find something interesting as the “Extinction” mode, or a mode very similar to the zombie one, but which will see us struggling with waves of aliens. the main objective will be to defend a drill that will be placed on an enemy hive, resisting as much as possible and spending the money accumulated in kills for new weapons or equipment. Another interesting mode is “team”, where we will have the opportunity to create our team with friends and take the field against AI, Bot or directly against another enemy team in various game modes. A multiplayer that is complete overall, fast and without any drop in framerate, with a resolution of 1080p.

AUTHOR’S COMMENT At the end of the day, Call of Duty Ghost looks like a game more or less unchanged, if not in various respects, such as multiplayer sector and extinction mode (really apt and fun, especially if played with friends in split-screen ). A title that does not have tacticality and team play as strengths in its DNA, but fun and simplicity (as simple as it can be to run far and wide and be able to kill someone even before you can aim). In short, a game with a singleplayer campaign that is too free from stunning details, but compensated by an excellent multiplayer.


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