Camera +, one of the best photography applications for iOS, has been updated to version 5.0, introducing many new features.

Here is the official changelog:

We present Room + 5 with the Laboratory

With this great * free * update we are very happy to introduce you to the Workshop, which takes editing to the highest level in your iPhone. Our goal was to bring you the highest quality adjustments in a very simple user interface, and we think we have succeeded. Here’s what it includes:

  • Brilliance Pro

At the head of the Lab you’ll find Brilliance Pro, which gives you adjustable Brilliance and also adds the Highlight Vibrance adjustment to spice up your photos.

  • Straighten

In addition to the ability to manually straighten photos in the Lab, we’ve also included a great automatic straighten feature.

  • Tint

Easily color your photos in any color. A touch of adjustment is all it takes to achieve a particular atmosphere, or set it to maximum for a strong impact. And if you have trouble choosing a color, roll the dice to decide which one at random… will a full house or a pair come out?

  • Duotone

With this setting, Hue is raised to a whole new level. Trial. For now we stop here.

  • Softness

Give your photos an ethereal beauty with Softness. This mode is addictive, so promise not to abuse it, okay?

  • Film grain

For an analogue film look. Fully adjustable so you can get the look you want.

  • Sharpness

This can solve the problem of photos that come out a little blurry.

  • Blur

Soften harsh photos. Or create perfect wallpapers for iOS 7. But let’s talk about it later …;)

  • Saturation

Turn the level down for an interesting faded look. Or turn it up to create a pop effect.

  • Temperature

It allows you to easily make your photos “warmer” or “colder”. It can be used for simple compensation or be maxed out for a bold look.

  • Exposure

Overexposed photo? Underexposed? Here is the solution.

  • Brightness and contrast

Two classic photo adjustments. You might think that not much need to be said about these two… but we have outdone ourselves to make them work even better.

  • Light and shadow

Accentuate or reduce the light and / or dark parts of photos. Compensate for imperfect lighting conditions or create an intense artistic effect.

  • Cartoon

Complete the perfect set of adjustments with elegant vignetting. Not only can you create a traditional dark atmosphere but also increase the brightness to get an atmosphere.

  • Cutouts for iPhone wallpapers

As mentioned above, Camera + 5 allows you to create some very interesting iOS 7-style wallpapers. Here’s how: Take one of your favorite photos and take it to the Lab. Then increase the blur and add a touch of saturation. Apply one of the new iPhone wallpaper cutouts, and voila… a stylish iOS 7 wallpaper is born!

  • New icons throughout the app

Dozens of app icons have been redesigned and look perfect for iOS 7.

  • New icon for the app

The most noticeable icon that has changed appearance for Camera + 5 is the application icon itself. It was not easy for us to abandon the old icon. But we’ve created one that captures the essence of the old Camera + icon (albeit in abstract form) and fits neatly into the Home screen home page along with all the other iOS 7 icons.

Camera + requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


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