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Cancel Dead Island 2?

Cancel Dead Island 2?


We first heard about Yager’s former project in 2014, but last in 2020.

We can also remember the first preview of Techland’s former game, Dead Island, in which we witnessed a little girl turn into a zombie backwards, playing in slow motion. The studio then put a whole zombie game on the table, built on a lot of good ideas, but overall at least that many bleeding wounds. Then later, the first and a few days ago the second Dying Light game could be born from these experiences.

But let’s turn back to Dead Island, as Deep Silver announced the continuation of this back in 2014, and as it turned out, the Dead Island 2Yager worked in the studio. They also made a similarly memorable preview of a runner who himself became a zombie by the end of the last jog of his life.

Unfortunately, storm clouds soon began to gather over the project, with procrastination coming first and then it turned out that Deep Silver had replaced the Yager studio. That’s when a long mess began and for a while it wasn’t even possible to know who would take over the project, even the name of Techland came up. Then by 2016, the situation was clarified and since then, the official version has been that the Sumo Digital team is working on the game. But they don’t seem to be dictating some hussar tempo either, at least in recent years, the game has usually only been heard of if the publisher or studio has just proven that the project still exists at all.

The last such news is quite old, but now the enthusiasm for the game may gain new strength, which no one has seen before anyway. A certain Tom Henderson, who is a fairly “reliable” source for leaked news (e.g. Battlefield 2042 was also heard from him for the first time), now claims that the development of Dead Island 2 is progressing very well. So good that the game could even be released this year! Henderson is said to know all of this from himself, the game’s developers, and he even knows that the official demo will take place in the near future.

Let’s just say it would be necessary if I really wanted to know the game in stores this year, because as I mentioned, we couldn’t see literally anything from the game other than that certain jogger (even from Yager’s time) in advance. But in addition to the announcement, in principle, we would get the first gameplay demo right away.

Since all this is just a rumor for the time being, it is worth treating it accordingly. But after last year’s Back 4 Blood and this year’s Dying Light 2: Stay Human, it would be interesting to take control of a third big zombie game. Will the zombies be the old new craze again?