The wet dreams of fans of Mega Man just confirmed: after nostalgia for classic games from Mega Man of nintendo, now the Capcom will relaunch the series X complete!

There will be 2 collections: a Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 will bring the first 4 games in the series, while the second volume will bring games 5 to 8. Whereas the series crossed over 3 generations of consoles — going from the Super Nintendo to Playstation 2 – this will be the chance for fans to have everything on one platform.

The compilations will be sold in digital format separately, but anyone who wants can purchase the combo with the two compilations on disk for PS4 and XOne, or in cartridge in the Switch.

Check out the ad trailer below:

Among the extra features of this re-release, we will have the possibility to add filters that improve the look of games on current TVs, as well as the option to play in letterbox or widescreen format.

There will be a more accessible Easy Mode for newcomers, and those nostalgic on duty can enjoy a digital Museum that brings together conceptual art, original sprites and advertising material from the entire series, as well as songs and an animated short that serves as a prelude to Mega Man X.

Since you’re here, enjoy and check out this beautiful Japanese poster:

the packs Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and two will be released in July 24th, with versions for SQUARE, Playstation 4, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch.

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