Carrion is the debut production of the native band Phobia Game Studio. How did the developers deal with the creation of reverse horror? Pretty good, but you can’t speak of a messiah in the indie games category. Find out more by reading the review below.

Carrion is a reverse horror movie in which we do not run away from terrible monsters, but we play the role of a dangerous parasite killing terrified people, more precisely its creators. We control the shapeless creature from the very first second of the game, starting from a special capsule in which it was held by scientists, most likely eager for new knowledge. After a second we are thrown into the whirlpool of action, knowing only that we can move with the left analog.

Carrion throws us into deep water

To be honest, I didn’t quite know what was happening. The creators were not tempted to do any tutorial or introduction, and thus explain what our main task is. People who did not follow the production, i.e. did not watch promotional materials or read the notes describing this title, will certainly be a bit shocked. I dare say that some people can even bounce back in just two minutes.

Controlled monster in the reviewed Carrion he is very weak at first – he has only a few tentacles that prevent him from making complex, quick movements. Along with the exploration of the prison and other locations that are part of the huge facility, we find special toxic capsules that we have to destroy in order to acquire a new skill or develop the existing one. These most important objects can be easily missed, because we can often go to three others from one level. Once we enter one, we move forward, often forgetting that we had two more holes to check.

A plus of the reviewed one Carrion is that we often come back to designed levels as we push the gameplay forward. A good example here is a special opening that we can only get to by entering a wall covered with biomass (then we can also save the game). After activating the first part of the opening, return to the first location to go to the second level, to activate another part of the opening there again, etc. Thanks to this procedure, you can easily see passages that we did not notice during the first meeting, whether it was through fighting with opponents or objects standing in our way.

You can feel the development of the monster at every step

Returning to skills, however, initially we can only move items or catch enemies and eat them with our few tentacles. As we progress, we gain new skills, such as releasing a thread that can catch an opponent or activating a button through an object that we are unable to move to another place. For a few hours of gameplay, you can feel how the creature turns into a dangerous monster, and you can even say that into a demon that wreaks great havoc. Discussed Carrion perfectly emphasizes the development of the main character.

Along with new skills, the combat system is also beautified, because we can make bolder moves without fear of dying. We throw enemies against walls, slide through holes to kill an armored soldier with a shield from behind, or break through barriers. Despite new mutations and skills, confrontations with every minute are becoming more monotonous, and worse, easier and easier. While killing was satisfying in the first minutes of the game, after an hour of play, I felt a little weary that I had to do the same again, i.e. hold down the right trigger and the analog camera responsible for the camera.

Carrion is a good game, and that is about it

The review could not miss a few words about puzzles, if they can be called that at all. Often, to get to a closed room, we have to move an object to another place or go to a place from which we will be able to click a switch that unlocks a secret passage. Everything is served on a tray, which is a pity, because it was possible to serve something much more interesting in this aspect.

While visiting the facility, we can also come across the notes of scientists, thanks to which we activate special memories. They are quite short, and during them we get to know a short history of people, most likely researchers, who were sent by the command to the place where the monster controlled by us was created. However, they are so boring that you want to return to the world of this terrifying monster.

It will sound quite strange, but it is a plus of the reviewed one Carrion is that the title is short. We are not dealing here with an artificial extension of the game, as is the case in many high-budget productions. The position can be easily completed in a few hours, and people who had “little” can return to previously visited locations in order to find, for example, the remaining capsules.

Summarizing – Carrion is a good game for people looking to relax. It is not demanding, but slightly monotonous due to the underdeveloped combat system. The lack of complicated puzzles and more different locations is also a minus of Polish reverse horror. On the other hand, the pluses include the great development of the dangerous creature and pleasant controls.


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