More Xbox 360 news today. TeamXbox (well, actually) has found a way to prevent a flipped Xbox 360 from being scratched. Recently it was already known that flipping a 360 console resulted in scratched media.

After long research, Llama has found out exactly what causes such discs to be scratched. For example, a copy of Quake IV was put in the ROM player and it was checked exactly where the rattling sound came from. This then depends on the following circled area:

The solution? Simple, read the supplied manual because Microsoft has explained that tilting the 360 ​​can cause problems. This can be read in the following lines of text, which you can also read in the user manual:

To avoid jamming the DVD drive and damaging discs or the Xbox 360 console:
– Remove discs before moving the console or tilting it between the horizontal and vertical positions.
Never use cracked discs. They can shatter inside the console and jam or break internal parts.
– When the console is vertical, do not use discs that are smaller than standard DVDs and CDs.

The entire article can here being watched.


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