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Chromecast with Google TV: is it worth it?

Chromecast with Google TV: is it worth it?

Chromecast with Google TV is the last mannequin of 2020 entrepreneur by Google and the first that allows you to leave your mobile, tablet or PC to a band to retransmit content thanks to the remote control that it includes.

Therefore we are going to discuss its best features and why it can become the best device that you can buy for your home to turn a television, whether new or old, into a media center. Let’s do it with Chromecast with Google TV.

What is Chromecast with Google TV?

We have already talked extensively about Chromecast to show you how to connect it to a TV or even enjoy the best games for Chromecast with Google TV; precisely the one that today occupies a central circumstance in this publication.

chrome cast with Google TV is the entrepreneurial mannequin last summer by Google And that adds up in itself all the best features that have been undertaken in the previous three, since we are going through the fourth mannequin, to include two that separate it a lot from the previous ones: the remote control and Google TV.

Two important novelties of Chromecast with Google TV for the pure fact that they will allow be a dongle totally independent of the mobile, tablet or PC that we use to transmit content. for a band the remote control allows us to directly control Google TV on the screen for us to install the desired streaming services so that we can play what we want.

That we can order Google TV with the remote control through this new Chromecast does not mean that We can also use the mobile, tablet or PC to transmit content. in 4K like YouTube, podcasts, Spotify, Neftlix, and many other services (as long as you see the cast icon in an app on your mobile device, you can cast that content on your TV).

Chromecast remote with Google TV

We have already said by active and passive that Chromecast is capable of reviving a TV from years ago, as long as it has an HDMI connection that we can connect to. But it is that with the remote control of Chromecast with Google TV things change a lot. And it is that even In addition to Bluetooth as a connection has infrared so we can control the TV from it.

First, if we compare it to Android TV, which is arguably similar to Google TV, spent on other brands like LG or Samsung, There is a big difference in performance and interactivity.. In this case, Google TV works inhumanely with suspended performance so that we can take place from applications to services in a moment.

The The remote control consists of this series of gofer.:

Of all these gofers, the bottom two are “connected” in some way to the television. If you have the necessary technology, you can even turn on the TV screen by pressing it. While the other caller is used to switch source like HDMI/TV/etc.

Pair *****, keyboard and more

Another advantage of the Google dongle remote control is its ability for us to pair Bluetooth accessories. For example, we can pair a remote so we can tinker on the screen to our favorite games through Google TV.

At the same time we can pair a keyboard and a mouse and thus turn our living room table into an improvised office for use different tools or play Geforce Now games that they need these accessories to enjoy them to the fullest; In fact, we have this great list of free and fee games from GeForce Now so you don’t miss out on entertainment with Chromecast with Google TV.

Map remote control messengers

We can even pair the messengers on the remote to assign actions such as capturing the screen or configuring other services to provide which we can use more like Spotify or VLC.

The best errand boy to set up via an app installed from the Google Play Store:

What is GoogleTV?

google tv is as an Android optimized translation for a more outstanding display format such as televisions. Except for being able to install the most common content streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Disney +, YouTube, Prime Video, Spotify and many others (now you even have apple tv), it also allows us to install games, applications or leave the photos that we have in Google Photos as wallpaper.

It is composed at the top by 4 tabs:

From Google TV we can install the streaming services that we use the most or we can go to a PC and from the Google Play Store designate the application and install it on Google TV. this is where this service rails it so that if we use Kodi or VLC we convert this platform in our home media center.

VLC, for example, when installing it, allows us to connect through Google TV to the enclosure server in case we have a PC, and thus we can reproduce the content that we have stored in it. If we already use Kodi, we will even go one step further because it is one of the most used platforms for local libraries.

So on one hand we have Google TV with all these music and video streaming services, and on the other hand we have applications that allow us to use precinct content for you through its 4K capability Let’s enjoy the best quality of vision possible like never before.

Connect a hub to Chromecast with Google TV

If we buy a connection hub for external storage devices, we can connect it directly to Chromecast and play content from it; and it is that Chromecast has up to 4GB of storage.

But it is true that this hub connection broadens horizons so that we fall in love more and more with this device for the reproduction of multimedia content in our home.

and we can even use a network cable to connect to that hub and we can even have the WiFi connection of our house.

Be equivalent? Existing use case

After duty got so there we almost answered yes to this question. But we are going to put the end of the cake with a very cardinal example and that surely many of those who read us will find. It’s an existing case you just wrote these lines about.

A real example of use: We have a 13 year old Samsung TV in our house. The truth is that television has very good image and sound quality, but has been made obsolete by all that stream of 1080p and 4K TVs like those smart TVs.

That It was important to check that it had an HDMI connection.. And this simply meant the door for sorcery to enter his screen. It has an HDMI connection, we can connect Chromecast with Google TV. and is that Didn’t even have the remote since we lost it; yes, yes, I could go buy one of those universals… but for what?

The next problem I had was that I even needed to buy a cable to connect the traditional channels with TV or deco; She didn’t feel like going to change and more.

I kill several birds with one stone with the Google dongle:

I want to propose Yes, it is worth buying a Chromecast with Google TV to recover those old televisions, or from a few years ago where their intelligent capabilities are very slow (LG’s WebOS for example) and revolutionize your home with this dongle.