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Clubhouse now allows you to send private (text) messages

Clubhouse now allows you to send private (text) messages

club house It has become one of the fashionable social networks. To the point that even Spotify has worked out its own alternative. And now that you can download Clubhouse for Android without an invitation, this application does not stop gaining users.

And, if it is admissibly true that the beauty of Clubhouse is its voice chat systemAny social network worth its salt should have its own instant transport service. And yes, Backchannel is already an effectiveness.

Let’s say we are faced with a transport system that allows you to communicate with other Clubhouse users through individual or group chat. At the moment it does not allow more than sending messages, although the company has already made it clear that in the future they will implement new functions so that we can send photos, videos and other files, for example.

How to Forward Text Messages in the Clubhouse

As indicated by the Club House, the use of Backchannel will allow you to communicate with other speakers in your chat, plan the next question or cheer up who to remove from the audience. On top of that, being a viewer you can chat with other users in manifest. Therefore, this new social networking tool is not only created to communicate regularly, but it will also help you to interact in voice chat rooms.

Finally, we leave you the steps you must follow to send a text message to another Clubhouse recipient:

As you will have spent, the process is extremely simple. Of course, it is likely that you do not have this function active yet, you just have to wait for the corresponding update to arrive, since the shot of Clubhouse Rear Canal is taking place in a staggered manner.