As far as Jeroen is concerned, Pro Evolution Soccer is the best soccer game. TimD disagrees: He prefers to play FIFA and even dares to call Pro Evo less. Et voila: a crewfight is born! Let the fight begin!

But because TimD is not a born boxer, and Jeroen is not even strong enough to tear a page from a notebook, this is all fought out in a discussion of three rounds. Do the Evilgamerz also benefit from it! So there are rounds, and in each round it is up to TimD and Jeroen to defend their positions and attack the other. The person who gets the most positive reactions after this fight is the winner. As it should be, first round. In this round the fighters can tell why their favorite football game is the best. By the way… Jeroen is hiding under the nickname [email protected]

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TimD: “I see all the ‘real’ gamers among you now making a fist. You hear it more and more lately: Pro Evo is THE football game, and Fifa is a weaker version, and also arcade. bull ****. In Fifa 06 you really have to fight for your goals, with real player names in each team against the other team that also has the real names all. Moreover, the Dutch commentary is also good, in contrast to that English rambling in Pro Evo that annoys me enormously. In addition, the career mode is absolutely great and Fifa also plays a lot better in my opinion. Not because Pro Evo does not play well, on the contrary, it also plays fantastically, but in Fifa the game is much less silent. I didn’t get all those times the referee whistled. That’s why I prefer Fifa to Pro Evo.”

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Jeroen: “I can get in, but it’s mainly about the gameplay. I’m surprised you don’t emphasize FIFA’s graphics, which are simply a lot better. The commentary to start with in PES is a point that deserves improvement, but Konami’s budget isn’t too great, so a John Motson isn’t outsourced to them. In any case, the Dutch commentary can also be called naatje pet if you listen to Youri Mulder who greets you after the game and regularly says that he would like to go to bed with a supportive Evert Ten Napel, or whatever that guy’s name may be. It’s just laughable and reminds me a bit of the League Manager time where even lame comment was made. The English commentary has been good since World Cup 98 so to compliment that now, no. Coming back to the gameplay, PES is a lot less wooden, more fair, more consistent and more manageable. Players don’t run too far if you accidentally slam into the sprint head too long. Furthermore, PES players also react a lot faster, smoother and perhaps more realistic. Making violations is also a lot better applied, with FIFA you better not push the ‘Sliding button’ because you will quickly run into a card. Same goes for corners, free kicks etc, it’s always arc balls, that’s been the case in the series since 2001 and that’s something that I find very irritating and remains one-sided with Electronic Arts, which it seems, builds more FIFA games, then they are actually renewed. It must be admitted that the career mode in FIFA is a lot more extensive, but the training mode of PES is also on the other hand.”

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TimD: “I don’t know which obscure versions of FIFA you play, but I haven’t been able to discover any dirty conversations between Mr Mulder and Mr Ten Napel. On the contrary: In FIFA 06 the commentary is very good, and nowhere misplaced or ridiculous. Better than that English bullshit anyway, the guy can’t even pronounce the names of the players.”

Jeroen: “Haha, I don’t know how you interpret those conversations, but it seems like they don’t notice each other and don’t listen to each other, but chat past each other. The ending credit in particular is just laughable every game ‘Come Youri, let’s go home, go to bed’. That kind of talk is just too childish for words. Just give me that English bullshit, you simply let it pass you by, and it still sounds like something. I saw the game at EA World, FIFA 2006, on a large beamer, I was impressed, but then Evert commented in real-time. I didn’t know what to believe until I actually got my hands on the game.”

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TimD: “And when you got your hands on the game, you put it away and never played it again? Because apparently you missed conversations between Youri and Evert. Examples? For example, the conversation about Johan Cruijff and about making a lob. And I’ve never heard that example of you about going to bed. And now tell me what you mean by better gameplay.”

Jeroen: “The gameplay is exactly what Pro Evolution Soccer radiates. It’s not for nothing that I only review the PES series these days, the FIFA series improves very little in terms of gameplay, but focuses too much on the graphics part. Examples are the increasingly better audience and the players who must necessarily resemble the real characters so well. What is good, by the way, is the extensive career mode of FIFA, but that aside. Pro Evolution simply runs better. At FIFA, it is all doable at the lower levels, but if football is played a little higher, you can hardly create any more spaces. This is also often due to the low ball tempo that the game simply possesses. Direct passes are often more inaccurate, unintentional, and real depth passes are almost impossible to give. In addition, the way of crossing has also become very irritating, if you have to sprint once, your opponent is a lot faster, he pushes and pulls a bit, and you lose the ball in a clumsy way. It’s always the same song basically. The defense and midfield of the opponent are crowded, as is never the case in real football, and you don’t get enough space to make even a wooden movement. I’m okay with covering players well, covering men, etc., but when it involves a wooden gameplay where you can barely react quickly, then I get rather frustrated with such games. This is less the case with PES, players react immediately when pressing a button, you can make some more actions, you pass your man, and you can look up depths. In FIFA, all of that is made too impossible at the higher levels of play.”

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TimD: “Well, after reading your first sentences I was like: What the ****, and that feeling came back after almost every sentence. Stopped reviewing Fifa because the gameplay always stayed the same, right? How can you know that if you don’t review the game man! That’s the most ridiculous prejudice I’ve ever heard. Incidentally, the audience is not graphically staged, the people in the stands have always remained rather vague. I also don’t think the players look that good: Compare Nigel de Jong, for example, with his real image, it doesn’t look like much. But we were talking about the gameplay, and almost all of your points of view make absolutely no sense. In Fifa you can always keep creating spaces (also at the higher playing levels), by playing well and tactically and just playing well. Some people can play well at high levels of play, others can’t :). (No offense, it’s about Fifa and not about other games) Sprinting also works very well, partly due to the right analog stick with which you can tap the ball further while you run, and your fellow player can therefore see all the nooks and crannies of can show the field. By the way, with me the players reacted immediately, maybe you should fish the chip pieces out of your controller and you will see that that works for you too. And that about those higher levels of play: Practice makes perfect.”

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Jeroen: “Not reviewing doesn’t mean I don’t play them. I’ve played the Xbox, PS2, and PC versions, of which the PC version was by far the worst. I won’t say directly that I’m trying to suppress the game with negative influences. Nigel de Jong is not a star like Beckham, by the way, and has therefore acquired a somewhat paler (standard) head. Anyway, I’m mainly talking about the Xbox and the PC version in this case, not the least important versions anyway. I don’t think you have taken the PC version at all because that’s not your thing. The game is just so poorly developed and keys actually respond later than on the PC version of PES. With the console version, I admit, it’s relatively easy. But that makes for a completely different gameplay. By the time I played International Superstar Soccer for the PSX, I was already addicted to the gameplay. Playing together with a buddy on one console was a pleasure, with FIFA you can quickly work out that the gameplay gets overheated faster. You quickly scold various aspects (regarding the gameplay). They have managed to continue the path of ISS well with some nice additions to make it perfect given the gameplay (goalkeepers improved, referees, everything around the field etc.), I don’t see much change at FIFA to be honest , tell…”

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TimD: “Sneijder on the ball, Sneijder walks on, walks on, and walks into the penalty area and scores! In FIFA 2006 this was usually the story: The game was really way too easy so you scored very easily. If you knew the trick you could easily win 15-0. But in 06, the AI ​​has been ramped up, the advantage rule has been incorporated into the game, the atmosphere around the field is fantastic (score and hear the name of your team), and the game is now also more complicated, but also more fun to play. play. The free kick is a lot more difficult but also made more realistic, you have more options for passing, the game plays nice and fast and well, and also doesn’t stop as often as Pro Evolution Soccer. In that game the referee whistles so much that it just makes you sick, this is not the case in FIFA. If you know how to tackle the ball there (and therefore not on the opponent’s legs), and if you keep the ball within the lines (not counting the goal line), then the game does not stop so absurdly often. In Pro Evo, all you have to do is give your opponent a little push and the referee sees it as a foul, and I personally don’t like the game stopping every twenty seconds (or less). Pro Evolution Soccer is a good soccer game, but as far as I’m concerned it is too often silent, it looks less, it is much easier and there are far fewer options. This together makes me play Fifa, instead of that boring Pro Evo ****. And let’s just talk about the games in which you can play soccer yourself, and not about that bad product Pro Evolution Soccer Management.”

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Jeroen: “Electronic Arts sometimes does it for the sake of it, it seems conscious, they have also been canceling futsal since 1997 or so. It was the best feature ever, and then they throw it out. I don’t know why either, but it will have its reasons. In any case, the AI ​​is undoubtedly improving, but in what sense. The players cover better, and are more crafty? Rather, it is a lack of options. Just make a foul from behind on the ball and you immediately have a card hanging on your pants, without even giving an exception for a change. In itself I certainly do not agree with your statement about what is allowed by the umpires in the game. You hardly ever run into cards, and fouls are quite extraordinary. Have you ever had a match where you got more than 5 free kicks in PES? This happens quite rarely, which means that the game is stopped very little. Then I almost forgot something. FIFA is characterized by the bow balls in the game. I almost always see bow balls, no matter how hard you rock. The balls always have an effect. It seems as if balls should not be touched with the instep. Powdering is almost impossible, and has never been possible. I’ve heard a lot of comments about it from other people, don’t you notice? In itself it is and remains simply the same, but some aspects are slightly improved, whether or not changed. EA is just a commercial hype every year in which a bunch of money is invested in the licenses to use the real player names etc. At Konami, the focus is more on quality of the gameplay, and you can clearly see that when you play as far as I’m concerned.”


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