THE Bethesda and the id Software released another batch of screenshots DOOM (2016) – also known as “Doom 4”. As we’ve seen in previous gameplay trailers and videos, a series of classic villains will return to their faces in the new shooter.

Taking advantage of the images, we can compare how some of the famous enemies of the franchise have evolved visually since the first games.


This flying meat ball called cacodemon is one of the most iconic enemies of the series and has been showing up since the first doom.

Doom 4 (new screenshot):


Coming back

Another classic enemy, the Revenants entered the series in doom 2.

Doom 4 (new screenshot):

Doom 2:

**** knight*

Another old acquaintance that appears in the new screenshots, **** knights already part of the enemies list since doom 2.

Doom 4 (new screenshots):

Doom 2:

More screenshots

In addition to these new screens of enemies we already knew, the id Software released other screenshots showing scenarios and some other demons.

DOOM (2016) should be released in the first half to SQUARE, Playstation 4 and Xbox one.


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