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Cross Network Xbox One, Sony’s answer

Cross Network Xbox One, Sony’s answer

Yesterday we reported the announcement made by Microsoft, on the introduction of the cross network play feature for Xbox Live. A few hours later, Sony did not wait for the answer, which is open to this possible solution, without however confirming an agreement with Microsoft. Here is the official statement:

“PlayStation has supported cross-platform play with PC on several titles, starting with Final Fantasy XI (between PlayStation 2 and PC) way back in 2002. We would be happy to discuss this with some publishers and developers who are interested in cross- play. “

This is certainly a total opening, even if the lack of direct mention to Microsoft may mean that the company is still considering the cross-play option well. Recall that the first title to benefit from cross-play will be Rocket League, recently also available on Xbox One. Here are the words of the Psyonix developers, released on the official Rocket League website:

“The inclusion of cross-play was one of the most requested options by our community, after the arrival of the title on Xbox One. Now we will be able to combine all online functions across all platforms, this announcement is a dream come true. “

We just have to wait for the evolution of the story, which despite all the nice words always depends on the will of the developers.