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Crysis Remastered comes with a fun setting

Crysis Remastered comes with a fun setting

The developers are referring to an old meme in the upcoming game.

Crytek has always been famous for trying to put current PCs on two shoulders with its games. For the most part, they have always succeeded, as they have used a range of visual solutions that were epoch-makers of their time. And as such, they were able to thoroughly batter even the reputation of the configurations declared to be the most striking. But of course it could also be that they just couldn’t optimize…

Either way, in the years when the Crysis trilogy was still a factor, the concept of Crysis became a real meme on the World Wide Web. When a new piece of hardware came out, the tests were guaranteed to offer you the current episode of the trilogy as well to see if it could run the game properly. This is how “Can it run Crysis?” mém.

We may be pulling the iconic nanoreapon back soon, as the (really?) Revamped release, the Crysis Remastered. The first video and images following the announcement of the game stirred quite a lot of dust, but not because of the amazing graphics, but because of the amazingly outdated graphics. That’s why Crytek quickly blew a retreat (except for the Nintendo Switch version, which turned out to be carved from the PS3 / X360 version…) to really come up with something for sale.

But now that’s not the point either, it’s the studio’s sense of humor. Because as it turns out, Crysis Remastered will include predefined graphics setup patterns for those who don’t like to fluff themselves by fine-tuning the details. And the highest of the predefined patterns is Can it run Crysis? was named.

And we can only hope that over the years the studio has learned a lot from its own mistakes and this time they will be able to find the golden mean. That is, the game is really beautified compared to its old self, and in return you won’t have to quadSLI-tied RTX 3090 combos…