The first Crysis is the most beautiful bane of all PC players from years ago. In 2007, the production was something amazing – both in terms of gameplay, graphics, and hardware requirements. Hardly anyone could afford to fire up a new IP Crytec at home. Back then it was unthinkable that we would ever have the opportunity to play this futuristic FPS on the handheld … And yet.

Crysis in your pocket – the wet dream of every fan of the series has come true

I must admit that I started the game for the first time with great excitement. One that I’m a big fan of the series, and two that the vision of the pocket Crysis made my body shiver. With time, however, the excitement decreased more and more, and the next launch of the game on the console did not cause such a wide smile on my face, although I still had no bad time. First things first.

On a mission or maybe on vacation?

The remaster on the Switch is based not on the PC version, but the theoretically worse one, i.e. from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Consequently, the Switch also does not experience the Ascencion mission, played in the air, in a jet plane. However, is this a disadvantage? I wouldn’t say, we only draw less blood during the game.

How is Crytek’s baby doing on the battlefield?

After a few hours of gameplay, unfortunately, the spell breaks quickly. The game on the Switch is supposed to keep 30 frames per second. Often, however, to maintain this result, the resolution drops, which is incredibly noticeable. I have received half a magazine of shells many times and if it were not for the mini-map, I would never have known from which side they were reaching me. Opponents simply mix with the background in the usual locations, and when fighting in the bushes, the falling resolution of enemies is more effective than the camouflage mode in the main character’s suit. Extremely annoying.

I almost hit …

In addition to the resolution, the FPS are also declining. The promised 30 frames per second is most of the time, but when you fight more fiercely with more enemies, crash-out elements of the environment or when driving a car, the animations lose a lot of fluidity. The visual side also disappointed me, because Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch is the ugliest Crysis you will play. The graphics look like a production straight from PlayStation 2 and although it has its moments, the landscapes are mostly angular and the textures are blurred.

Technical aspects

Crysis Remastered 30 fps is supposed to keep constantly, both in portable mode and in TV mode. Unfortunately, when playing on a tram, the resolution from the default of 900p will drop even to 540p. It’s playable, but it’s not a comfortable experience at all. The situation does not look so tragic for owners of the regular Switch version, thanks to which we can seamlessly play on a large TV screen and see anything. However, owners of the Lite version, a console without the possibility of connecting to a TV and with a smaller screen, will not be too satisfied. As for that, even Resistance: Burning Skies on PlayStation Vita performed much better.

The smoke from under the hood of the car is a good sign, isn’t it?

Handheld gameplay has another drawback. It’s hard to say whether it’s more of the Joy-Con’s or the control system’s fault, but after an hour of gameplay, the hands get extremely tired and just start to hurt. The most comfortable game is to play in TV mode on the Pro Controller, but again, this is by no means an option for Lite owners, and even with an ordinary Switch, this controller is only an addition.

Does Crysis Remastered “deliver”?

The refreshed version of the first Crysis features only a single player campaign. There will be neither multiplayer nor DLC. It’s a pity, because the campaign is fun for about 12 hours, and in the game, despite the “half” open world, apart from quests, there is nothing to do. However, this can be forgiven, because the price for the premiere is lower than the assumed PLN 250.

Palm trees, water … just a tequila sunrise and I will be fulfilled!


Crysis Remastered is lame in many respects. It is certainly not a must for the latest console from the Nintendo family, although for fans of the series or just shooter enthusiasts, it will be a pleasant, several hours’ adventure. I know that most of the reviews are whining and mentioning more and more flaws – but it was fun to play, the shooting was nice, the missions are interesting, and the crumbling elements of the environment or the suit’s capabilities are really fun. Polish subtitles are also a big plus. If you are a fan of Crysis or experienced this pain 13 years ago when you were unable to launch the game on your PC, take it blind – the wave of nostalgia that will hit you will be amazing. If you fancy a pocket shooter, you may also be interested in this item. Otherwise, I am afraid that Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch will not meet your expectations.


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