CyanogenMod has extended its list of supported devices with two new additions. Joining a wide range of devices that have official ROMs by the team, we have to talk about two giants, since both the HTC One Max and the Oppo Find 7 are the two graceful devices.

As for the HTC One Max, critical voices within the community point out that it may be a little late to include it, but it is still better late than never. This device and its large 5.9-inch screen will see how different ROM compilations arrive for him instead of a unified one, most of them focused on US users and their different operators.

The Oppo Find 7 may not have received support as soon as it was announced, especially considering that the Oppo N1 incorporates CyanogenMod by default and that it has been on the street for a while, but apparently it did not reach the US market until last month according to reported in Android Community. Its slightly more watered-down version, the Oppo Find 7a, has been available there since April and the first CyanogenMod builds for it appeared in June. Both the Oppo Find 7 and its little brother can install the same ROM.

for now the only zip files that can be found for download correspond to nightly versions, and although they have official support this does not mean that they will receive a stable version in the future. With the change in the release cycle and the nomenclature of the different CyanogenMod custom ROMs, it is worth remembering that from now on the old M Snapshots become the versions considered stable, while in the new ROMs the Stable branch disappears completely .

If any of you is the lucky owner of one of these two devices and has a chance to test the ROM, do not hesitate to leave us a comment with your impressions.


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