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Cyberpunk 2077 is seen in new concept art… with a secret

Cyberpunk 2077 is seen in new concept art… with a secret

Cyberpunk 2077 he releases information little by little, but everything we receive from him is very welcome, increasing the hype for him. And for this reason we could not let the new concept art that have come out after some new captures.

From the Twitter account of the game we have Four New Arts Showcasing Cyberpunk 2077’s Ability To Blend The World Of Science Fiction With Human Imagery that make that world look like a possible future.

Some concept art of the essence of Cyberpunk 2077

Although we have seen similar scenes in the game trailer, the images have some differences.

The first image shows a man connected to a kind of virtual reality simulation Matrix style. While this is par for the course in future imagery, details like the crushed soda cans and the action figure on top of an EKG machine give that person a personal backstory.

Next we have an image of something that, although it seems even sinister to us, in that world it is surely something very normal: some cyborg killers sitting in a taxi.

The following belongs to one of the most striking scenes in the trailer: a synthetic human putting on makeup. She seems to be getting ready for some late night party which maybe in 2077 is something different since she has a gun on her desk. Although it may not be long before a girl needs it when she goes out in our real world.

Finally we have a scene that did not appear in the trailer. we can see to a mercenary with a dog. With this detail we wonder if we will have at our disposal a dog or animal to help us fight.

The secret they hide

But behind these images there is something more… Are you ready to discover it?

OK lets start. In the fourth image there hidden a link to a pageright on the pink billboard in the background.

The link leads to a page that only has a colored background and a phrase “in code” in English. Basically it says “More than meets the eye. 4.” which translated would be something like “More than meets the eye. 4.”

What does it mean? It is something we do not know. Perhaps it is a joke and refers to the robot figure in the first image. But there is more.

Some users on Reddit have discovered that using an XML editor a Ceasar cipher appears which leads to a second image. The image reads a phrase in English, which translated is as: “I can not speak. They are looking. I need to renew my TT insurance as soon as possible. Use the provided ID. I count on you.”

It’s all very mysterious, and yet we don’t know exactly what it means, though it seems that CD Projekt RED still has a few more surprises in store about Cyberpunk 2077. We will keep you informed with everything that comes out.

Cyberpunk 2077 still does not have a release date nor do we have an official confirmation of its platforms, although we hope to see it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, perhaps also on the new generation of consoles.