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Dead Space is backwards compatible

Dead Space is backwards compatible

Dead Space is also among the backwards compatible titles on Xbox One, the horror title released in 2008 on Xbox 360 full of that claustrophobic atmosphere. Obviously who could make this announcement but Major Nelson?

The director of programming of Microsoft through his Twitter profile has announced the arrival of the game of Visceral Games in the list of backwards compatible ones that boasts over 150 titles. A truly remarkable addition given the atmosphere and the success of the title.

Dead Space is now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQ pic.twitter.com/QAVuk2J2SQ

– Larry Hryb 👶🏼 (@majornelson) March 30, 2016

An equally important if not more important thing is the arrival of Dead Space in the Games With Gold in April. So anyone who hasn’t gone inside the gloomy, claustrophobic and damn dangerous corridors of the USG Ishimura has no more excuses, this is exactly the perfect time to do so, so you will discover one of the most successful horror titles of the last generation.

How many of you will return to save good Isaac Clarke from the necromorph invasion? How many instead, taken by fear and the awareness that the danger is around every corner, will give up?

Our advice is to take a good breath of air, check that you are alone in the house, dim the lights and immerse yourself in the misadventures of the good engineer of the CEC struggling with the infestation of necromorphs that is gripping the Ishimura.