Deadcore is a very popular title on pc. The title has been out on PC for three years now and combines different mechanics and in the end the game turns out to be a First Person Shooter with some characteristics drawn from platformers and speedrun video games.

Its sci-fi setting and its rather unique features have made it a very popular experience on PC, obtaining a metacritic that goes beyond 80. With the SwitchGun (the weapon used by the protagonist) and our skills we should climb a gigantic tower and go all the way up, meanwhile we may discover several secrets and hidden areas.

Several years after its release, Grip Digital (the game’s developers) have announced a console version that should contain all the mechanics already seen in the PC version. The title should run in 60fps, still nothing is known about the resolution, but we do know its release date, which is scheduled for on 14 July 2017 on Xbox (Project Scorpio) and Ps4 (Ps4 Pro). The mechanics of this game also make it perfect for a console like Nintendo Switch, we hope that Grip Digital thinks of a port also for the console of the Kyoto house.


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