Destiny 2, a continuation of the dream imagined by Bungie and Activision years ago, is now upon us. Within days of its launch, the development team and several other online sources went out of their way to advertise, explain and show the game to all those new users who have never heard of it before. In particular, this scenario applies above all to PC users, who will plow this sci-fi shooter for the first time.

If you are picking up the bewildered weapons, wondering what Ghost, Traveler and Cabal are, then the following tips can make a difference in your space travel between distant and hostile worlds.

Throw yourself into history and exploration

The narrative in Destiny 2 has been elevated compared to its predecessor, making it a key element that can guide you step by step through the game world. In 17 main missions, surrounded by many cinematics, you will face the threat of an alien race seeking revenge and power, your power. The goal of Commander Ghaul, eminence of the Cabal invaders, is precisely to steal the “Light” from the “Guardians”: aka you players and your skills. You will therefore find yourself on a sensational adventure to regain what was yours, aided by various NPCs and even other players if you wish.

The advice we give you is to dedicate yourself to the plot, completing all the missions you want to do. The narrative strand will take you to land on all Destiny 2 locations, which provide you with an open world environment full of activities to do. It will come naturally to you to explore, to complete goals, to follow indicators and earn lots of equipment to help you on your crusade. There is no rush to complete everything, especially considering that every week “timed” activities will be proposed, there will be many things to discover on the planets and countless enemies to hinder you!

Dedicate yourself to a character

At the start of the game, you will be presented with a choice: Titan, Hunter or Sorcerer? These are the title classes and each of them has specialties that define its style, role and power. The Titan is a character who focuses on defense, using his shields to create protection and attack enemies without ever wavering. The Hunter is dedicated to delivering the greatest amount of damage in the fastest, most accurate and acrobatic manner, which makes him fragile but deadly. The Sorcerer is the arcane master, capable of unleashing powerful abilities such as the ability to rain blades of fire on enemies; although he does not forget to support his allies with different healing and strengthening abilities. Once you have made your choice, you will no longer be able to switch classes.

What we recommend is to dedicate yourself to the game by choosing the style you like best in terms of tastes. Do not be bored by any petty rhetoric relating to the “absolute power of a class” or “utility”. Each of them has its own specialties and the development team has accentuated the uniqueness of the same more than ever in this sequel. Once you have completed the path with your first character, you can devote yourself to the creation of the other two classes in total freedom.

Make friends

It may seem like a foregone conclusion for an MMO game, but it is only in appearance. In Destiny 2, unlike its predecessor, there are matchmaking dedicated to solo players. These will allow you to complete “group” activities even without having one. The purpose of this system is not to provide you with a convenience, rather it wants to accentuate the aggregation by trying to make it more fluid through the gaming experience. And in fact, having a Clan will be very advantageous precisely because of the different bonuses you will receive if you are in it.

Not only, therefore, you will find yourself in an environment where you can complete the toughest objectives in company, but You will get rewards the more you help other players! There’s really no point in being a lone wolf, although it’s totally possible if you so wish. Also because, remember that the Incursions require 6 Guardians!

Equip yourself well and in a varied way

In Destiny 2, as in other titles, your character will gain equipment by killing enemies. The so-called “engrams” will be your primary source of items and will automatically evaluate the best value obtainable in terms of “Power”: a statistic that indicates the score of your overall equipment. In this new experience, Bungie has completely changed the entire system to allow combinations of various weapons and armor. This greatly diversifies the experience of the title, making it adaptable to your preferred play style.

Destiny 2’s activities, especially those at the end of the adventure, are very complex and sometimes require specific equipment to be completed efficiently. For example, a certain mission could be easier if you were to use a “Arc” (therefore electric) weapon rather than a “Solar” (fire) weapon. These balances of forces are more evident in the Incursions and in the “Cala la Notte”: that is the two toughest activities. So don’t get stuck on a single set-up to always use, experiment and be responsive to the necessary changes!

Take your time

Destiny 2, as well as the first, are games that present a vast and aesthetically satisfying world (especially on PC). The background story, the music, the setting and other elements are geared precisely to lead you to explore, discover and make your stay stellar enjoyable. Don’t rush to finish the title or get to the maximum Power level as soon as possible, take your time and enjoy what the development team proposes. The activities are almost as innumerable as the secrets hidden in their maps, among these the “Lost Sectors” certainly stand out: dungeons not marked on the map capable of taking you to hidden treasures well defended by fearsome enemies.

Playing in company, we advise you to give each other a hand, trying to give more value to the experience than to personal completion. Come together, fight and give the invaders a hard time which aim to take away everything that is dear to you. You are the Guardians of this universe, act as such!


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