Destiny 2 seems to want to change course with the new expansion coming out on September 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But what will be the news? Will the game also be free-to-play? So let’s go see what Bungie has in store.

No more Activision

Destiny 2 surprised everyone with a very new change of course for the francise. Since Bungie abandoned Activision it seems that not only the developers have benefited from it, but also the whole game. Simple theory? Maybe, but the news announced by the creators of Halo seem interesting and will at least be evaluated in the future. To confirm all this, there are the words of the General Manager Mark Noseworthy and the Game Director Luke Smith who stated:

“Now we are independent, we are free to develop Destiny in the way we want and above all in which our players want, without suffering the dictates of another company”. Clear and unambiguous message.

Destiny 2, the new expansion and the concept of MMO

“The Destiny franchise has to fulfill three goals: first and foremost, to be a first-rate MMO. When we talk about MMO we don’t mean to talk about subscriptions, or a title designed only for mouse and keyboard, but to make it clear that we want to get closer to an RPG experience, with a wide customization of the character, deeper statistics and so on. Street. Shadowkeep is moving precisely in this direction, ”Smith has always said.

The new expansion has been explained by Noseworthy, who will in fact see and the return of Eris Morn and the Moon as a setting, both present in the first Destiny. The expansion will obviously have new quests, armor and a new raid. The name of the expansion is Shadowkeep and the price is of 35 euros.

Destiny 2 and free-to-play

The real novelty, however, concerns a new one structure game of Destiny 2. The game becomes a free-to-play which includes the base edition with the Osiris and War Mind expansions. If you want you can buy the other two which are Forsaken and Shadowkeep. With this “move” Bungie hopes to bring back to their servers the players who helped make the first Destiny a very collaborative game, creating a real community always willing to give suggestions to improve the game. In this regard Noseworthy stated:

“We’ve always argued that Destiny offers the best experience when played with friends, so a lot of the work went in that direction. Basically it has to be great action, but it’s only when you progress with your team that the game becomes a real world of its own. We want to create situations where users can share epic moments. “

Destiny 2 on Amazon!

One of the problems that actually prevented you from playing with new people was character progression. The old players were in fact at such a level that it was really difficult for new players to get to them to play together. Hours and hours of gameplay separated them with too different a level. To try to overcome this problem, a more logical solution was found, that is to eliminate the level of enhancement, favoring the inclusion of new players right away. Noseworthy also explains this point:

Until now, however, it was difficult for a friend of yours with several hours of play to recommend you to buy it, because he would have had to wait a long time for you to arrive at the same point in the game, facing all the DLCs and expansions that had been released. until then. We have therefore decided to put everyone on the same level: it will no longer be necessary to deal with the contents sequentially, as happened in the past, but you can buy the individual expansions that interest you. It is an economic model that we could never have adopted under the control of a publisher “.

Saves everywhere, no exclusive content and versions available

The latest news concerns the bailouts. In fact, now Destiny 2 becomes cross-save, or that your saves are valid on all the platforms that you have, whether it be consoles, PCs, tablets or smartphones. Luke Smith explains it:

“You can start a game on PC, continue it on the console at a friend’s house, and resume it on the tablet or any other device capable of running the Chrome browser thanks to the new technology of big G”.

A final note must be made regarding the exclusive contents that had in fact characterized the game. With the arrival of the new expansion, there will be no more exclusive content based on the platform. There are three versions available:

  • the basic one: at a cost of 35 euros
  • the digital deluxe: which includes the season pass
  • Collector’s in physical edition: 149 euros.

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