Christopher Barret, Game Director of Bungie, unveils in a tweet when the next expansion of Destiny 2 is expected. Title and precise date still shrouded in mystery.

The second expansion of Destiny 2 seems to land in our hands in May, but without yet having a precise date. The news was leaked directly by the Game Director who, through a tweet visible below, updates the community on the progress of the game.

The exact name of the second expansion has not been revealed, but some time ago a leak leaked on the net through which we ascertained that the exact title should be Gods of Mars. To date we still do not know if it is the final name or if this will change, it is certain that from the Bungie house, for now, nothing leaks.

From what we know, with the new expansion we will have new maps, new activities, new weapons and armor, new cooperative activities and new enemies. Everything seems to revolve around the war mind Rasputin, already seen and fought in the first Destiny.

Destiny 2 brings the Guardians back to battle against the soldiers of the Red Legion, hungry for the power and light of the Traveler. Although the huge success of the first chapter has raised the hype about the series and its universe, Destiny 2 struggles to achieve the same sales boom, although the title itself enjoys a decent fan base. The developers ensure that they are constantly working to ensure the maximum gaming experience.

If you want to delve into Destiny 2 and the universe around it, you can consult our review written by the trusted Alessandro Palladino.

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