The Destiny 2 beta has been available for a few hours, but despite this a user on Reddit has already managed to find a way to obtain infinite ammo in the Inverted Spiral. To activate this glitch it will be necessary to perform a particular trick, let’s see how to proceed.

The first trick regarding Destiny 2 it can be carried out in the Assault “The Inverted Spiral”, allowing you to obtain infinite ammo. THEThe trick is to take advantage of the white matter that surrounds the combat area, called by Reddit user “Latte Vex”.

By touching this particular substance, your character will take damage, but using a Sorcerer as a Guardian, and by using the circle of healing, you will be able to restore more health than the white matter takes away, ed you will activate the Riskrunner perk which will fully restore your ammo.

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Three Sorcerers will be enough and good coordination to switch skills to get infinite ammo for everyone. Finally, we remind you that qhis trick has now gone viral in the Open Beta, so there’s a chance Bungie will step in very soon to fix it, and it definitely won’t be in the full game.


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