Destiny 2 is finally out and many veteran users are asking “Where is my Goshawk !?”. For the uninitiated, the “Goshawks” are vehicles similar to sci-fi motorcycles that allow you to move around the various play areas on the ground. In this chapter the maps are full of activity and, although there is fast transportation, it is sometimes convenient to have a vehicle that can get around quickly. In the previous title of this series, the Goshawk was awarded roughly to the third main mission, while here it seems to be completely absent in the first hours of the game.

The developers have in fact decided to leave the players on foot to allow them to explore the rich locations full of places and treasures to discover. Indeed, there is a need to be careful of what surrounds our Guardians to be able to find precious gems such as: the Lost Sectors, the Regional Forzieri and all the interactions of the Specter related to the story.

In case you can’t wait to “start the engines” there are only two ways (at the moment) to get your car. The first is to try your luck through the Engrams dedicated to cosmetics. These can appear randomly over the course of the game or can be bought for real currency at Eververse. Each engram has the ability to provide you with some cosmetic items ranging from shaders, emotes to spacecraft and hawks. With a bit of luck, a Goshawk may come out sooner than expected, allowing you to use it without any problems.

The second way is to complete the Story. At the end of it you will be rewarded with a basic Goshawk. The end of the main campaign (which runs around 12 hours of gameplay) will also grant you access to pre-order items such as the Heart of Ice and the Mark-Kill Specter. Everything else will be available in the Repository under Collections!


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