Destiny 2 is upon us and many veteran players are already planning to get their best for the Raid launch. As much as we recommend that you experience the game regardless of haste or anything else, we give you some tips to reach the maximum level of “Power”.

In the Bungie title there are well two parameters that define the generality of your character: Level and Power. The first is the classic ranking that increases with experience and reaches a maximum of 20. The second is an estimate based on the equipment used and can reach a maximum of 300. This mechanic derives directly from what is seen on Destiny 1, therefore it is more than understandable that seasoned players already know how to get to the top. However, if you are a new user, the following may be useful to you!

First of all, dedicate yourself to history and the secondary activities that are directly related to it. This will allow you to reach level 20 and obtain a base of equipment powerful enough to be able to face the different activities. Your goal from this point on is to earn Engrams that increase the Power of your equipment.. Many activities in Destiny 2 will provide you with juicy loot, so especially you will have to pay attention to the “Milestones”: that is the objectives with rewards that appear on the left of the game map. The latter will reset every week and some engrams are calibrated to give you a nice boost, in fact you will find them with a different wording than the Legendary ones.

The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will receive, so try to do different activities at the highest level you can tackle. So We highly recommend the Assaults and Heroic Public Events. Always with a view to weekly activities, you will find several indicators to suggest what to do. The most profitable, and toughest, is Cala La Notte: a much more difficult assault than usual with different modifiers and conditions. Completing it will secure powerful and even exotic equipment if luck helps.

If you are into PvP, the Crucible is also a fairly reliable source of engrams. Finally, every weekend, you’ll be able to find Xur and exchange in-game currency for Exotics that you can use or infuse to bolster your set-up.

In Destiny 2, rewards will rain from the sky no matter what you do, just why Bungie wanted to make every experience satisfying trying not to limit the income to certain activities. However, to really get to the top, you will probably have to rely on the Raid, but at the moment nothing is confirmed.


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