Shadowkeep, a new expansion pack for Destiny 2, began the third year of the sequel to the cult shooter from Bungie. According to the creators’ announcements, it was supposed to be exceptional content for several reasons. First of all, the new expansion was to provide a fresh start to the second installment of Destiny, on the one hand meeting the tastes of experienced, loyal fans, but on the other hand offering enough unique content to attract new players. Certainly, the release of the basic version of the game along with the first two expansions – Strategos and Curse of Osiris, in the form of free to play and on all platforms with the cross-save option, was certainly to help him. Second, Shadowkeep is the first major content developed by Bungie in its own right. The creators broke away from the yoke of the greedy publisher and had complete freedom in creating content and choosing the form of its sharing. Has Shadowkeep really turned out to be special? Not. And why, you can read below.

Another fictional shell

The two parts of Destiny and the seven expansions issued for them have certainly taught players that you can’t have too much expectations for future campaigns. The universe of the game is fascinating, and the characters are so interesting that you would like to learn more about them, but the creators consistently focus on conservative mystery. The previous expansion, Forsaken, was unique in this respect, as it offered quite a large campaign, in addition, it was effective, well-written and touching the heart. However, the upward trend was not sustained. The Shadowkeep campaign is its weakest element. There was definitely no filmmaking and creativity in the design of the mission, and such pejorative features as recycling or boring grind, so characteristic of the brand, even crept into the campaign. It all boils down to completing the next boss missions, between which we visit the Moon known from the first part of Eris Morn. It is her who we have to help with the nightmares awakened on the silver globe. The entire campaign should take us about 3 hours, and our knowledge of the nightmares and the mysterious Pyramid after the storyline ends is not much more than five minutes after it begins.

My Guardian’s face after the storyline ends.

The moon you already know

Shadowkeep unlocks a new location in Destiny 2. The moon was available in the first part, but the fans of the shooter certainly did not complain about the prospect of returning to a natural Earth satellite. The problem, however, is that in the new-old location there is much more of the old one. It’s hard to get excited about a new place when we know what’s waiting for us around the corner. The developers followed the path of least resistance and copied the Moon map from the first part. Of course, there are a few new spots and views waiting for us, which, as always, can be enjoyed by the eye, but this is definitely not enough. In terms of new locations, the previous Forsaken expansion breaks Shadowkeep down. Then we received two completely new, large-sized spots – the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City, and completely new opponents – the Disfavored. This time, the developers gave us a copy-paste from Destiny 1 and another modified version of the swarm, which we won’t have to fight too often.

Design of the location, as always, at the highest level

We don’t get bored in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

However, despite the campaign that definitely falls short of expectations and the secondary nature of the location, Destiny 2 has no time for boredom. We are inundated with activities, which, however, is not a great merit of the Shadowkeep. The real revolution came with the launch of Forsaken, and the new expansion is only following the path set last year. Bungie adds new activities and new modes: Vex Offensive, which is a variation of Assault for six players, and Nightmare Hunt, available after completing the storyline. They stand at a high level and give a lot of fun.

New mode – Vex Offensive

There were also new Raids and Raids for the most avid players. The playlist of the former has also changed. Nightfall has been divided into four levels of difficulty, determined by the recommended power level of our Guardian. The lower the power level, the less mods that are difficult to start, of course, but also the lower the chance of valuable rewards. After reaching the power level of 900 (we start playing with the addition from 750, and the maximum is 980), the pace of our character’s progress slows down significantly, and it can be accelerated by repeating activities, subsequent tasks and orders, and the absolute minimum is to perform weekly activities, such as completing a certain amount Night Strikes, Crucible or Gambit matches.

List of accepted tasks and orders

The rewards for achieving the next rank of the season also encourage systematic undertaking of new activities. It can be an additional dose of glitter, a valuable resource or an armor element. People with a purchased season pass receive additional prizes.

Season ranks of the Immortals

The Tygla playlist has also undergone some cosmetics. The distribution of heavy ammunition has also been changed and the weapon balance has been significantly improved. PvP is much more fun to play than before the expansion’s premiere, and you can get lost in multiplayer battles for hours.

Where else have the changes taken?

Perhaps the biggest revolution was the management of weapons and elements of armor. Their stats have been doubled and more slots have been added to modify them. We have a few upgrades available right from the start, but of course they cost money to develop, flicker at first, and more valuable minerals at higher levels. Valuable modifications can also be purchased from the gunsmith, as well as received as a reward for the development of the seasonal artifact.

And then He came in, all in gold.

Finishers are one of the important novelties. We can use them when the opponent is already finishing, which is indicated by the white dot above his head. The finishing blow is decorated with an effective animation presented from the perspective of a third person. Such a small element is a great opportunity to get some cash from the player’s pocket. There are various animations for the finishing blow available in the store, which, however, are only a cosmetic change that does not give him more power. New hits can also be hit from Bright Engrams received for achieving the appropriate season rank and purchased with Bright Dust.

Destiny 2

Bungie. Activision. What’s the difference?

When Bungie announced earlier this year that it would end its cooperation with Activision and would be releasing Destiny itself, players breathed a sigh of relief. It was Acti that was considered the evil one in this duo, who pulls the brand down and tries to get as much as possible out of players’ pockets at a cheap cost. Bungie’s policy was to be more pro-consumer, and its first manifestation was the release for free on all platforms of the base version of Destiny 2 along with the first year additions. But was this procedure really a tribute to the players? Not. It was a marketing maneuver to get more people to buy the new extension. This is of course nothing bad, but the release of the free to play version on the release date of Shadowkeep was very unfair to players who purchased a new expansion for the premiere, and spent hundreds of zlotys on Destiny 2 with bonuses over the past two years. As a reward, they received overloaded servers and the inability to play on the day of the premiere of the new content. It didn’t get much better in the days that followed.

So let’s play! And yet not.

Bungie decided to choose the smarts who share the account on the console, which allows two players to play on two different accounts for a jointly purchased production. It is difficult to find something wrong with it, if Sony allows it. Developers, however, significantly limited this practice. Yes, both players have access to the Shadowkeep content, but only the player on whose account the game was purchased can access the Season Pass included in the expansion. The second person must purchase a pass, which entitles them not only to receive additional rewards for advancement to the next rank level, but also to try out the new mode, which is the Vex Offensive. So it turns out that it is not really part of the content of the Shadowkeep. The seasonal pass itself costs PLN 42, which is PLN 168 per year. And if Bungie really wanted to be better than Activision, it would not embarrass the release of a new expansion, but throw all its content as part of the annual pass. It would be a nice gesture towards the players who are in the production from the beginning.

Destiny 2 Review: Shadowkeep Summary

Shadowkeep is not a new start for Destiny 2, last year’s expansion was one. Shadowkeep only follows his path, expanding and making the endgame more attractive. Although Destiny 2 draws you like a swamp and we have long forgotten the post-premiere problems from 2017 and the weak first year, it is difficult for me to be clearly positive about the Shadowkeep. The expansion pack is modest and mainly based on a meager plot, which I hope will be slightly expanded in the following seasons, for which we will unfortunately have to pay again.

Destiny 2 is a great game. In my opinion, the best shooter of the current generation, and it has certainly become even better thanks to Shadowkeep. However, this is an accessory made without passion, with no respect for the faithful community, but only for profit. I feel a little disgust.


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