Destiny after almost three years returned to the wallpaper of the gaming world thanks to the sequel. At first glance, Destiny 2 is not much different from the first game from 2014. There are many of the same opponents in production, the same high-level graphics and gameplay concept. After delving into the world created by Bungie, it can be safely concluded that the game deserves the name of the second part. The developer has drawn conclusions from the number one, there are many changes, and the production draws you in like a river for many hours.

First of all, the second edition received an extensive campaign. In the first part, many people complained about this element of the game. In Destiny 2, the campaign has been fine-tuned, and the main story provides approximately 8-10 hours of gameplay. The history does not lack great film inserts, tragic events, but also funny situations that relax the atmosphere. As always, it’s beautiful, epic, with amazing music in the background. The plot is not very original and does not differ from cinema science fiction films. The Earth was invaded again by a dangerous enemy – the Red Legion. This time the enemy aimed at the very center and hit the guards and the mysterious Wanderer who gives them strength and immortality. Powerless warriors must cope without light, create a resistance, and thwart Dominus Ghaul’s plans.

Destiny 2

The story does not deviate from the standards of today’s pop culture, it is not surprising, but thanks to cinematic cutscenes and epic clashes, it gives a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Bungie has also thought through the entire structure of the game and as we go through new missions, we get some new side activities, tasks and opportunities to check every now and then. As a result, we are constantly busy with something and we not only want to push the story forward, but also use new features and side missions.

The game encourages the exploration of a well-designed world. We are very happy with the added planetary map, which allows you to check where we are and what is happening in our area. The course of public events has been changed, which are almost every now and then and we have them marked on the map. This makes them easy to reach, and a few hours can be lost just driving from one event to the next. Every now and then, when there are a lot of players, they turn into larger heroic battles, where we have to defeat, for example, two big bosses instead of one.

During the free exploration of the planet, besides the map and frequent public events, many other issues changed. There is no longer a Bounty dealer and each location receives different challenges every day. For their performance, we receive experience points and tokens, which we then exchange for reputation with a given commander.

It can be very crowded

After completing the main storyline, there are more tasks. In addition, the planets from the very beginning have longer missions – “adventures”, not necessarily related to the main plot of the game. In addition, there were, of course, simple patrols, consisting of scanning an object or collecting data from materials that were dropped from the eliminated enemies. We have more freedom and more “work”. The maps are also full of hidden stashes, secrets and places that are difficult to get to, but when we get there, we will be greeted with a generous reward. The game world is alive and there is no shortage of random events, such as the appearance of some hard bad *** in a given area, which must be eliminated.

In Destiny 1, many players failed to develop exploration, slow resource gathering, and boring repetitive patrols after completing the main missions and strikes. Thanks to such a redesigned planet exploration system, there is always something going on. There are a lot of activities, secrets and missions, and the patrols known from the first installment are only a tiny addition.

Changes to the reputation system and collecting tokens made the game more attractive. No frustration with slow leveling, everything happens pretty fast, and every time you fill up your reputation bar, you’ll drop interesting purple weapons. The same applies to leveling, after reaching the maximum level of 20, experience points are gained further, but not for some Orb of Light, but for specific white enagrams. They drop armor paint, weapons or weapon upgrades. This makes the game much more fun. Violet better weapons appear often, not as rarely as in the first one. At the same time, we still want to check what we have received and we are happy about this fact. The very infuse of the weapon is also less bothersome and we make it with shards that drop from dismantling purple weapons.

In a word, small well thought-out changes made the game very addictive and at the same time more attractive to a wider group of players. Many elements that were repulsive from one were eliminated. After all, not everyone had the strength and persistence to play 5 hours and not get a single purple or gold weapon. Not everyone was attracted to the previous system of leveling, light gathering, reputation and boring activities. Now, while playing, it seems that there is always something going on and with every game session the same syndrome occurs – and I will only do this one more public event, and I will visit this place, and collect a few more boxes … I must admit that this free exploration caught me for hours and I still haven’t got bored of it, and Destiny 2 is not just that, after all. In addition to the plot and exploring the planets, we also have a multiplayer mode, strikes, raid, various weekly events and very demanding missions.

Multiplayer clashes have undergone a big change. First of all, it is more intimate. There are no more 6 vs. 6 as they were replaced with 4 vs. 4. The maps are smaller, there are much less heavy weapons. When a heavy weapon appears on the board, only 1 person can collect it. In the first one, a few packages fell out of the open box, which were supplied by 2-3 team members. Heavy weapons classifications were also rebuilt. From the second part, this type of armament includes, among others a shotgun that was often used in close quarters. Heavy weapons also reduce our mobility and are no longer so practical and deadly. What counts is the skill and chemistry of the team, if a team runs across the map, they usually simply lose. For sure, Destiny 2 developers are getting ready for professional online competitions.

This can be proved by the extensive clans tab. Clans allow you to participate in various activities together and collect experience points. After exceeding a given threshold, all team members receive bonuses related to wearing clan markings. A well-coordinated team is especially needed when approaching a night assault and a raid. There is only one raid and several strikes in the game. So far, these elements are few and I personally think that those from Destiny 1 were better, more epic and more original. I hope that Bungie cuts the content of the game so that it is constantly enriched with new products, so I count not only on paid extensive DLC, but also free content. If Bungie can do this, more players will stay longer in the world of Destiny 2.

Many people complain about the system of paid add-ons that are supposed to spoil the gameplay. Honestly? Weapon skins and mods are bugs you can live without. Paintings drop from crates or enagrams almost every now and then, just like weapon modifications. In addition, the modifications have little impact on the gameplay. If someone decides to invest real cash, they will not gain an advantage over us, they will only have cosmetic changes in their appearance.

The character subclasses also underwent a makeover. Each class was given a new subclass, but unfortunately the talent tree was simplified. There are far fewer options for customizing your characters to the style of your game.

The production still has great graphics and audio. We’ve finally got the Polish localization of the game, but unfortunately it is not possible to set Polish subtitles and English audio. The Polish language version is of good quality, but some voices sound limestone. I totally can’t digest Polish ghost, and Zavala’s lyrics amuse me more than they build the atmosphere. It is a pity that Grimoire Cards have been abandoned, which, thanks to the Polish location, would certainly attract a greater number of players.

Destiny 2 is a great sequel that expanded and developed a lot of elements from the first game. After completing the main storyline, there is still a lot to do and the game is just beginning. Fans of the first part should be delighted. What about the rest? It doesn’t hurt to try. Although you have to remember that over time, the gameplay in Destiny 2 boils down to repeating the same missions and traversing the same locations, and repetition does not like loneliness. So the comrades in arms are welcome.

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