Destiny 2 is an exemplary production that confirms that hype does not translate into success, and the desire to make all players happy is the first step towards falling. The first Destiny was heavily criticized by players and reviewers, but somewhere in the distance from the noise of barkers, there was a large and loyal shooter community from Bungie that hasn’t left for three years. In the case of Destiny 2, the situation was reversed. For the first weeks after its premiere, the title was played by everyone, and on social media players were trying to outdo who the guardian has more power. The game establishment was conquered, but in the distance, you could hear the quiet complaints of loyal players, those who were to decide about the existence of Destiny 2 for the next years.

Two months after the premiere, many of them abandoned the title, because it had nothing to offer them due to its accessibility. The accessories were to come to the rescue. The first one irritated the environment even more, offering a boring plot and nothing else that would extend the end-game life of the title. However, in the following months, Bungie released several important updates that introduced many changes that were to form the basis for the third season. This one just started with the debut of the second expansion, StrategOS (Warmind). Can he get the guards back in service with the Vanguard?

StrategOS is somewhat of a late apology to loyal players, as it focuses mainly not on the campaign itself, but on new activities and minor changes to extend the endgame. Paradoxically, these biggest and most important changes, such as the online struggles in Crucible, are not part of the expansion and can be used by all players. Therefore, I will skip their wider discussion and only write that in the end online gameplay has gained more sense, because it is mainly thanks to it that we can achieve a high level of power. There is something to fight for.

However, let’s start from the beginning, i.e. from the plot of StrategOS. This time the action of the expansion takes us to the frozen pole of Mars, where, with the help of Anna Bray, our guard will undertake the task of launching Rasputin, a dangerous artificial intelligence, created to protect humanity by the Clovis Bray company. StrategOS is the most powerful weapon in the solar system, but for centuries it has been hidden deep within the polar caps of Mars. However, the light of the awakened Wanderer awakened Rasputin and, unfortunately, not only him. With him, a giant Xol was buried under the ice, which we must destroy.

Although the story itself does not differ much from the story from the previous additions, which is very average, the gameplay is more fun than in The Curse of Osiris. It is a pity, however, that it ends after only two hours of fun, when in the final clash we beat the most original boss in the history of the universe. The new location of the expansion pack, although more diverse than Mercury, does not strike you with its volume. So we do not run across the vast desert areas, or on the ice slopes of Olympus Mons. Mars in Destiny 2, like Titan, has a more platform character and mainly covers the area of ​​a large scientific complex and an ice cave. It is a pity that the creators do not decide to use the locations from the first part, because they were larger and gave more space for exploration, which StrategOS encourages.

If anyone in his boundless naivety expected Warmind to introduce new opponents to the game, I would like to inform you that this is obviously not the case. Instead, there is an ice swarm, a polar variety of enemies, known for example from expeditions to the moon in the first Destiny. There will also be Combine troops, whose survivors are almost as numerous as in their glory days from the main campaign for Destiny 2.

When a bit disappointed with the story, we try to abandon the second installment of “Destiny”, it turns out that the game still has a lot to offer us. Of course, apart from the adventures, missions and tasks for Anna Bray, which are rewarded with powerful equipment, there are many bonuses and places to discover on the Red Planet. The creators finally decided to add a new public activity, which is the Escalation Protocol. It consists in fending off successive waves of a swarm for a limited time, supported by stronger and stronger bosses. This is not an activity for novices and climbing without the recommended light at level 370 may be an insurmountable challenge for less experienced teams. So it’s worth working hard on your character’s power level, preferably by fighting in the Crucible.

StretegOS also adds a new, third raid Leviathan – Spire of the Stars, which, unlike the one from Curse of Osiris, requires the purchase of an add-on and a light level increase to 370. I believe that this is the right decision, as it makes the activity an additional challenge for players with the pass seasonal. Traditionally, the add-on enriches the game with new Strikes, which, unfortunately, are again only a slightly more difficult version of the missions from the second expansion. Bungie performed a similar procedure at the premiere of the first expansion and such taking the easy way was badly received by players. I am surprised that the creators decided to apply this procedure again.

Although in Warmind we definitely have to sweat more to reach the maximum level of power, unfortunately, during slow exploration and performing patrol missions, we cannot count on an item dropping significantly above our level. This is a major Destiny 2 issue that the developers still don’t want to fix. There is no randomness and randomness in dropping weapons and armor, which would make killing a random opponent sometimes giving us more benefits than completing the assault. Currently, despite many changes, the progression process is still too schematic.

I believe that Destiny 2: StretegOS is a small step in the right direction. Both it and the already published updates lay a good foundation for the next, probably autumn expansion, which will be crucial for the future of Bungie’s production. I didn’t have very high expectations for the second expansion, and perhaps that is why, instead of feeling disappointed, I look to the future of Destiny 2 with more optimism. It is true that the creators still surprise with decisions that are difficult to explain rationally and the lack of creativity in creating new activities. Nevertheless, I consider the return to orbit successful, and although I will not be playing Destiny 2 for many months, for at least two more weeks, I will have a lot of fun traversing the Solar System.


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