Bungie’s upcoming new game was also present at this year’s GDC, from which a new trailer for character making came.

In February, the Bungie team, famous for their Halo series, unveiled their latest project, which Destiny bears the title. Activision Blizzard will be responsible for the release, but little has been learned about the promising sci-fi work since the announcement. The game was also present at this year’s Game Developers Conference, where a generous two-minute trailer on character design was unveiled, which you can now watch below.
In Destiny, we will play one of the guardians of the last city on Earth, who will have tremendous power accordingly. During our adventure, we can explore our solar system, turn around the red dunes of Mars and the lush rainforest of Venus, but our primary goal is to defeat the enemies of our home planet. The game will be highly story-centric, which is one of Bungie’s strengths, and the world will be populated by heroes and living legends. We too can become such a legend as we and our friends (it’s an MMO creation) explore every nook and cranny of the solar system, search for old treasures, reveal ancient ruins and secrets left over from the golden age of humanity, while gaining new abilities, equipment and weapons. For a good online action game, we can, of course, work out in detail what our character should look like, what fighting style to go into battle with. For this, we have a huge selection of both weapons and armor and equipment. If we run out of supplies, we can go back to the City where we can refuel before embarking on our next adventure. In the game we will have the opportunity to compare our strength with other players. The developers promise to continue to expand and improve the Destiny universe even after its release. Although no release date has been mentioned yet, it is already known that it will be ready for PlayStation 4 in addition to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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