In addition to the online FPS action game PS3 and X360, the new console generation is also expected to arrive.

Bungie, who became famous for the Halo series, broke up with Microsoft a few years ago and then signed a 10-year publishing contract with Activision Blizzard. And now they have finally announced their first new game, which is Destiny was given the title. True to their traditions, they will once again receive a sci-fi FPS, but this time we can expect a game in the MMO universe, rich in community features. Even if we basically want a one-player game and start the story for him, we can run into other players on their own in the game world, but of course cooperative and competitive modes will await us, all of which will be colored by community events.
The story is written on the game’s website as follows: With the arrival of the Traveler, everything has changed. A Golden Age has arrived in which our civilization has conquered the Solar System but did not last long. Something slammed down on us and knocked him out. The survivors built their city during the Traveler and began to explore our old world, where, however, they found deadly enemies. As a player, as the Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, we set out to defend the city from the enemy and reclaim all that humanity has lost in the fall of the Golden Age. Meanwhile, we can explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red sand dunes of Mars to the jungles of Venus. (The pictures show that the Traveler could be an – perhaps artificial – alien planet floating above the earth anyway.)
Destiny is currently known to be preparing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, but will also be expected for the next generation of consoles. Nothing has been revealed about its appearance so far, just so we can’t expect it in 2013 yet.


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