Large-scale, but not without problems.

As Bungie had planned, he started yesterday surrounded by huge expectations Destiny open beta. Compared to the alpha version after E3, the difference is heaven and earth, and the new test period began with a huge content expansion. First, new story quests have been added, some of which take place from the alpha already known before and others after, but all in the same location. The developers reworked auto-targeting because it was considered by many to be too dominant during alpha. They’ve taken it back, so now the rookies may have a little harder targeting, but at least the balance of power in a multiplayer clash is fairer. In the same way, they reduced the strength of the armor, making fighting much more difficult, thus more enjoyable and more challenging. Bungie also worked a lot on the game’s engine, which now fills the tracks much faster. Unfortunately, as is almost always the case with games with a lot of fan interest these days, the sudden load can’t stand the servers. By the way, this can be felt on the entire PlayStation Network.
Destiny’s open beta is currently only available on PlayStation 3 and 4, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One tests starting only on July 23rd. Developers, meanwhile, have confirmed that the beta will run until the game’s fall premiere. Finally, here’s a generous twenty-minute presentation of the beta courtesy of VG24 / 7 magazine.


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