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Detailed character editor for Cyberpunk 2077

Detailed character editor for Cyberpunk 2077

The more we learn about the game, the harder it becomes to wait.

If there’s one game that millions around the world are waiting for in the same way, it’s Half Life 3 Cyberpunk 2077. CD Project RED has been working on it for many years, but we didn’t get any meaningful information about it until this year’s E3. Unfortunately, despite the many years of work, for the time being, they are still only at the beginning of the project, which means that it may take years to reach the premiere. But this is not so surprising in light of the caliber of the game.

More details have come to light these days, this time about the role-playing line. In the case of the studio’s previous series, The Witcher trilogy, we didn’t get a character editor anyway, as the protagonist was always given. Now, however, we can determine what kind of protagonist we want to embark on cyberpunk adventures with. Accordingly, we get a quite detailed character editor. In the first round, we can specify the gender and appearance of our character, although it is not yet clear how detailed we can shape this. What is definitely interesting, however, is that the news is that our gender will affect certain missions and events in the story. Our clothes will count in the same way, which will also affect our perception of the street. It is not yet known whether it will have an actual impact on our capabilities. There will also be tattoos and makeup.

Of course, there will also be character development, our experience points can be divided into six categories: strenght, constitution, intelligence, reflex, tech and cool. In addition, based on our perks, we fall into one of three character classes: solo, netrunner, or techie. We will also have to add his life story to the personality of our hero, meaning we will presumably be able to choose from predefined background stories.

Finally, the home of our character should also be mentioned, as this will also play a key role. According to the news, we will have several apartments between which we can move as the story progresses. The apartments will be upgradable and expandable, where we can store our weapons and shape our appearance. There is no news on whether the equipment items can be varied as well.

So Cyberpunk 2077 will be a rock-hard role-playing game. Aware of this, the time remaining until its release seems even longer, which we don’t really know how long it will take…