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Divinity Original Sin 2 – What are the six Origins?


Divinity Original Sin 2 – What are the six Origins?

In Divinity Original Sin 2 we can start our adventure by creating our own alter ego or using one of the six Origins made available by the game. These characters will have their own history, particular characteristics and personal goals that they will have to complete during our adventure. Here the list in alphabetical order and remember the fact that the characters can progress as we see fit. For those interested can read our review of Divinity Original Sin 2 Xbox One version.

Voice: Alec Newman

Dwarf Battlemage exiled from his kingdom because he rebelled against the Queen’s plots Justinia. Its goal is to stop the plans of the insane sovereign that could potentially be disastrous for her people but also for all of Rivellon.

Voice: Christopher Bonwel

Undead mage of the extinct race Eternals once ruler of the world. Dressing in his shoes we will investigate precisely why his race disappeared from Rivellon. His story will intertwine with the main plot. Thanks to the artifact called Mask of Shapeshifting we will be able to take the forms of any other race, also accessing the relative abilities.

Ifan Ben Medz
Voice: Chris Finney

Human wayfarer, specialized in ranged combat and stealth. Its main quest revolves around the actions of the mercenary group known as Lone Wolves.

Voice: Tamaryn Payne

Human of the enchantress class with skill from bard with both singing and music skills. The girl is possessed by a demon who makes him do things against his will. During his adventure we will have to find a way to free ourselves from it.

Voice: Alix Wilton Regan

Direct and merciless thief elf. In another context it could be compared to a dark elf more than the pure elven race. His personal mission revolves around the vicissitudes of his race, whose very survival is endangered by intriguing power plays.

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The Red Prince
Voice: Harry Hadden-Paton

Lizard of high lineage is a fighter who specializes in hand-to-hand arts. He belongs to the royal family at the head of his entire race and for this reason he will often be recognized by non-player characters in positive and negative. We will therefore have to get to work to find the Red Princess to reclaim his family power.