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Doom II (Classic)

Doom II (Classic)

Bethesda and Id Software spontaneously announced a week ago that Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 would be available immediately on every console (Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) at the same time as the announcement. The first two parts are available in the Playstation Store for a reasonable €4.99 and the third part for a decent €9.99. With the second part, Id Software knew how to keep the enthusiasts and fans of the first part happy. More enemies, more levels and bigger levels and a higher difficulty than the first part. The port of Doom II is therefore more of the same, just like the port of the first part, but on a slightly larger scale.

Even Greater Than Doom (Classic)

If you thought that the first part is already a complete package, then you are in the right place with the package that Doom II manages to deliver. Besides the original part, it also contains all the extra levels including the Master Levels and again contains a co-op and split-screen mode. Because the levels are a bit more complicated and longer and are also packed with a lot of secret extras, you will have to spend quite a few hours to go through everything.

But on the other hand, Doom II just doesn’t have the same charm as the original. Because it’s all a bit bigger, it just lacks those tight shorter levels and there is just a little more to search and wander. The second part also contains few additions in terms of gameplay. The only new addition is a hackneyed shotgun and there aren’t too many new enemies to be found. This doesn’t make the second part your first choice if you want to play a Doom classic. It’s more Doom, but sadly no better.

Unfortunately, the second part also contains all the drawbacks of the first part. Creating and using a Bethesda account is required for a game that does not have online functionality. And although it looks good at first glance, the image is stretched just a bit, so that the pixels do not always come out neatly. The sound also appears to be played a bit slower, so that you get to hear that exciting soundtrack just a little slower. Now this is something that only the purists will notice and most people who play Doom II for the first time will not notice it at all.

A nice snack with the first part

Doom II (Classic) is therefore a nice extra to the first part and only meant if you are still looking for even more good old-fashioned Doom fun after the first part. The gate has its good and bad sides. And it’s certainly not a bad way to play the old Doom on the console you’re playing now. It remains easier than getting an old dusty PC from the attic.

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Author: Christiaan Ribbens | Genre: FPS | Release: 08-08-2019 | Publisher: Bethesda | Developer: Id SoftwareGraphics: 7.0 † Sound: 7.0 † Gameplay: 7.0 † Controls: 7.0 † Playback: 8.0 7.0+ Many hours of fun+ The total Doom II package+- Bethesda account is needed- Graphically not the best conversion- More of the same