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DOOM – Unto the Evil

DOOM – Unto the Evil

A bit of everything

DOOM was a nice surprise this year. The game stood out in a positive way and had both a great single player and solid multiplayer. Ragging was the hallmark of the game as usual and it showed in the multiplayer. It contained fairly standard modes, including team deathmatch, capture the flag and domination in various forms. Meanwhile, the multiplayer is still pretty strewn with fanatical players. This is partly due to the first update of the game that has appeared. This includes one new weapon, a new playable demon character, a new armor set, new hack modules and several new colors and patterns with which you can customize weapons. The most important is the addition of three maps. So they only looked at the multiplayer of the game and kept the single player back. This was and will therefore no longer be expanded as it currently stands. A pity in my opinion because it certainly should have been expanded with, for example, classic content or extra, new missions. Although the single player was certainly not limited and not too short, I think they could certainly have had potential in expanding the single player.

The multiplayer was not the most striking point of DOOM. This was even partly overshadowed by the strong single player that turned out to be a bull’s eye due to the simplicity and the nostalgic feelings it aroused in players. However, we have to make do with the multiplayer, and expanding it is not the cheapest option. The Season Pass costs around 40 Euros, which makes it almost a full game price. So if you already own DOOM, which is mandatory, you’ll pay quite a bit for some extra content in the form of maps, customizables and armor sets, although it remains to be seen what the rest of the DLC will bring. And whether these really offer great advantages over others? Well, the weapons are not really special additions and added value, and you can actually partly build the maps yourself or see them shared if you use the game’s map builder well. With that you might feel a bit cheated when you have to pay so much money for the Season Pass, since without DOOM it isn’t even a full-fledged multiplayer game, something that would have been nice. By that I mean an exclusive multiplayer game without the single player, including all multiplayer content that was already in DOOM. Independently the DLC costs 15 Euros, something that is a lot better to do, but which will cost you more if you want all 3 DLCs.

With Unto the Evil you get 3 maps, which are all quite large. Characteristic is that you can walk different paths in the maps (Ritual, Offering and Cataclysm) so you don’t actually have a starting and ending point. In addition, they are extremely suitable for deathmatch or capture the flag. The new weapon called the UAC EMG pistol is unfortunately a bit snowed under. It is and remains a pistol, something that feels less robust than, for example, a rocket launcher or machine gun. Furthermore, the Kinect Mine has been made too powerful in the game so that you are sometimes dead in no time. Something that can be quite normal in DOOM, but perhaps could have been a little less strict. With the character Harvester we close the DLC. This is a fairly slender, red-colored demon with 2 long tentacles on the head that you can change and which is especially efficient at a distance. This deadly aspect makes the new character very interesting for players and certainly an added value. Anyway, whether the DLC offers enough for a price tag of 15 Euro is the question. Personally, I think this is a pretty hefty price for relatively simple content. For twice as much you have almost the entire game, which makes the proportions somewhat skewed. However, are you that real DOOM fan who can’t get enough of the multiplayer? Then this is definitely worth it and you should definitely consider purchasing the Season Pass with which 2 more DLC packs can be downloaded in the future.

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