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Dr. Doom is not getting dinner

Dr. Doom is not getting dinner



The main evil was not tolerated by the waiter.

You are wrong who thinks movies have no effect on the world. The Fantastic Four and the Silver Traveler (The Fantasitic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, home premiere: July 19) starred in their own skin to feel successful. The four young actors who formed the Fanastic Quartet were already very confused during the making of the first film, and during the filming of the sequel, they spent a lot of time together after the end of their working hours. Jessica Alba and his companions were thoroughly immersed in Vancouver nightlife. Often their fifth buddy, Julian McMahon (the actor who plays the main villain, Dr. Doom). They started one of their evenings in a pizzeria. However, the waiter only brought out dinner for four of them, not even noticing McMahon. When his guests tried to complain, the waiter was seriously offended. As it turns out, the company has stumbled upon a true Fantastic Four fan, and the young man thought that once his heroes had become disloyal to their determination in the film and were partying with their biggest enemy, at least he would persevere.
“We called your boss,” recalls Chris Evans, Torchbearer, “but to our dismay, he agreed with his waiter.” He even said, “that we can have dinner with this traitor (i.e., Dr. Domom) after what he did. We weren’t fantastic. We simply picked up and had dinner elsewhere…