Today Square Enix has released a new trailer of his next JRPG Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Past.

The trailer focuses on the colorful character template that will populate the game.

some unique companions

The characters have been designed by the famous mangaka Akira Toriyama and each of them has a unique personality and a deep history. Similar to past games in the series, many of the characters’ names have been changed upon their arrival in the West.

In his great adventure through the world of Erdrea, our hero will have the company of Erikthe trusted comrade; Veronicathe intrepid witch; serenethe calm healer; servingthe virtuous artist; Jadethe noble martial arts expert; and Rabthe mysterious old man

We leave you with screenshots of all these characters. You can also see a gameplay with battle included.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Past will be on sale on September 4 for PlayStation 4 and PC in North America and Europe. For Switch it will arrive in the future although it has not set a date.


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