3 months after the release in Japan, it is still not up to Europe to release the handheld, it seems we have to wait some time for the Dual Screen Lite. However, some sources would have said that the DS Lite should be released in the first 6 months of this year. This would be bundled with the game New Super Mario Bros which will also be released. A date is expected to fall in the month of June. Nintendo has the current posts for us to read at France games not yet able to confirm.

The DS Lite is a smaller version of the normal handheld. The dimensions will be 133 mm x 73.9 mm x 21.5 (lbh). The normal size of a Dual Screen is 148.7mm x 84.7mm x 28.9mm. The weight has logically become less. The DS slims down to just 218 grams. The normal version weighs about 275 grams and is therefore about 20% heavier. The price will also be slightly lower than the current asking price. For example, a total of 119 euros must be deposited, the official price has not yet been announced. The launch will take place on March 2 in Japan. When the European/American date will be is a big question mark. The DS Lite will appear in three different variants, which are only different in color. GameBoy Advance games can also be played. Of course, the handheld will also have WiFi network functionalities, so that online games can also be played.


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