It is difficult to sit here in front of a desk full of folders and “sweaty papers” when you know that a few thousand kilometers away one of the most important events in the videogame scene is about to begin. It’s hard to accept that your schedule is so full of appointments that you won’t be able to fly over the Atlantic Ocean to reach Los Angeles.

On 10 June it will open its doors E3 2017 and will place its heavy loads in front of the eyes of users who are preparing to mark the release dates of the most anticipated titles of 2017 and 2018 on the calendar as well as receive images and information on what will be the future of the various gaming platforms.

On our pages we have already addressed some hopes and ideas regarding the conferences of and of Ubisoft . For my part, as Dr. Nintendo I can only take the responsibility of speaking about the Japanese company headed by Kimishima. Because Nintendo’s rebirth is also due to its presence at this world-class event, during which it will have to confirm the hype generated last year by Nintendo Switch and offer the public a show with fireworks and a catwalk of digital stars worthy of the night of the Oscars.

Because users want the “wow factor” at least during this type of event. Factor that last year Nintendo managed to obtain only in flashes, causing interest to wane, thanks to the long roundup of Treehouse, after the various blocks dedicated to Zelda and 1.2 Switch. This year we need a high-level E3 with a lot of meat on the fire, even more than one might expect in 2017 and 2018.

The events to follow: between live shows and tournaments

In continuity with last year, the Kyoto company confirmed a streaming event (probably recorded) called Nintendo Spotlight which will go live on the channels Youtube And Twitch of Nintendo, as well as on the official Nintendo website, the 13 June 2017 at 18:00 Italian.

Immediately after it will be the turn of Nintendo Treehouse with its sections dedicated to individual games whose gameplay will be shown and commented in the company of exclusive guests. The Treehouse will be a long ride that I hope differs more from the one of last year during which it was Zelda: Breath of the Wild who monopolized the scene too much.

Nintendo’s attendance at E3 2017 will be closed by tournaments dedicated to ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Pokkén Tournament DX which will take place between 13 and 14 June with precise times available on the Nintendo site dedicated to E3.

The certainties: Super Mario protagonist but not only

Needless to say, the expected Super Mario Odyssey risks being the cornerstone on which the entire Nintendo conference will rotate. Acclaimed by many as the new Galaxy or the new Super Mario 64, it will be essential to understand how well its sandbox system adopted for the game world has been designed properly. Surely Odyssey will have the same weight and relevance that Zelda: Breath of the Wild had last year. If you want to make a credible guess, it is very likely that it will be the last game within Spotlight and the first one shown during the Treehouse.

They will complement this, and I believe they will be the first to be introduced ARMS And Splatoon 2, which is about to be published. Most likely there is more spotlight space for Splatoon 2 while ARMS may be more Treehouse and showfloor meat.

In addition to SEGA’s confera for Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania, the presence of is almost certain Pokkén Tournament DX And Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, unexpectedly presented a few days ago with a Direct. Equally likely a return to the stage of Ever Oasis that is preparing to cross the dreams of Nintendo 3DS next June 23 and not forgetting Kirby’s Blowout Blast And Hey! Pikmin, also close to publication.

As always, space will certainly also be given to indies among which the most awaited by your Dr. Nintendo is undoubtedly Steam World Dig 2. Among the very possible announcements one cannot fail to mention also that of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle which could, in my opinion, even be presented in the Ubisoft conference even before the Nintendo one.

Place a bet on Xenoblade 2

If the securities named so far are the most likely, there are a few that could appear but whose presence is not certain seen. Among the games expected and eligible to carve out a space at least in the Spotlight there are Fire Emblem Warriors, Monster Hunter Stories and the port of The Elder Scrools V Skyrim.

Neglecting cross-platform titles, especially EA sports, which could have had more space in the conferences of individual publishers, the question that everyone is asking is whether Monolith Software will make it to show Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the stage of E3 and especially if he can take it to the West by 2017 as promised. I am a bit skeptical here and I believe that, if shown, the new Xenoblade will have a smaller space than Odyssey (otherwise it would steal the show) and a western launch in early 2018 with a video presentation of the game world and of a couple of characters.

Among the least eligible candidates are the new chatter Super Smash Bros (or its Wii U port) which I believe Nintendo is keeping warm for next year. Very likely that, if something is shown, it will be just a tasty taste to increase the hype of the users. A spin that reveals the release date of Monster Hunter XX in Europe with relative limited.

Among the things that seem to be expected there is a clearer overview of Nintendo’s online service on which the Japanese company has been too buttoned up, perhaps because it still did not have clear ideas. Now is the time to explain to the whole world in detail what they will be the benefits and operation of Nintendo’s paid online.

Spin: Dr. Nintendo’s dreams (and not just mine)

Finished with the world of possibilities I end my analysis with my personal dreams as a gamer that perhaps coincide with those of someone and that could lead your Dr. Nintendo to literally jump out of his chair.

First the list is the return of Samus Aran; an unreal hypothesis but hoped for by many, because it is pleasant Metroid Prime: Federation Force it cannot fill the void left after Corruption. The second wish is Mario Smash Football, that of the first incarnation on GameCube, the one without too many frills and abstruse mechanics. A game that today, thanks to online multiplayer, could compete with FIFA.

To follow in order of preferences there is Super NES Classic which would cause a roar to bring down the whole fair and for which perhaps 90% of players would sell a kidney especially if they could find inside the most beloved pearls such as Chrono Trigger. In this rating scale I also include the Virtual Console dedicated to GameCube, which could really drain my virtual portfolio especially if the two Baten Kaitos were included among the various titles.

Last in order of liking is an idea, generated by your Dr. Nintendo’s mind, which he mentions F-Zero, but not in a racing style, but in a scrolling beat ’em up adventure. In my visionary image I see Captain Falcon bludgeoning enemies like in Smash, but doing it within an adventure that I imagine is similar to Viewtiful Joe.


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