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ECTS – Black and White presentation

ECTS – Black and White presentation



It’s Saturday EA After the event, Peter Molyneux unveiled his first game for Lionhead on Tuesday at a nearby Hilton hotel. First of all, he noted that this presentation is not very lucky, because the Black and White it would take several hours to actually present it, so the most important thing left out during the presentation is the story that provides the framework for the game. In short, he said that in the midst of the hardships of the people, he calls us for help and is very happy when we give a sign of our divine intervention (because they do not yet know us). From then on, it is up to us how much they will look at us as their god. Throughout the story, various tasks and missions await us.

Returning to the game, we were able to take a look at the source code itself first, as the small audience voted to see the creatures ’battles as well, and a few lines had to be modified to do so.

As gods, we can control absolutely everything with our omnipotent hands. The interface is designed to be so simple that no buttons are visible on the screen. Going over each landmark, people, you can see what we can do with them. We can give a sign of our power, for example, by executing someone from the disobedient people as intimidation. One way to do this, for example, is to put our victim on top of a mountain and demonstrate the gravitational pull with it. Throwing the corpse in the middle of the village, seeing the corpse, our people wonder if they did something wrong. Of course, we can also be good for our people, for example, we can fill their warehouses with grain or cut wood. If we want, we can control our people one by one, even though they do this and that on their own. If we put someone next to a forest, it will cut down a tree from then on, and if we put it in the middle of a wheat field, it will reap all its life. It is also interesting that we can even import the address list of our Outloook into the program, so the members of our people will be endowed with real names. So we can send our best friends to cut wood for a lifetime or sacrifice them on our own altar. From the program we can also send e-mails and even receive letters – in which case our residents will warn us by shouting.

There would be no real god simulator without Black and White spells. To take advantage of the forty kinds of miracles, we must bring together a sufficient number of worshipers in front of our temple. There are good and evil among spells. Among the former are, for example, various shields, one of which increases the energy of those living in the protected area, while another physically protects the selected surface so that not a single stone can be thrown there. There are several ways to use the fireball spell on the negative side. One possibility is to punish our people with it, burning their forests and their settlements, and another is to throw away their empire a little by throwing it at our enemies. We can even use fire to ignite and destroy a forest by placing it in a rock. In a multiplayer game, two gods can even toss such a fireball, increasing its power by 5% per throw, so that sooner or later we can get a very powerful weapon. The characters in the game are creatures. You can choose from a wide variety of animals, such as turtles, sheep or bears. Initially, it is more of a tamagochi to be raised, but later it can help us and our people a lot. By setting a good or bad example, his nature will sooner or later develop. He may be jealous, aggressive, or playful, for example, but not even Molyneux himself sees the limits of artificial intelligence. One possible way of teaching is to set an example for him, for example, by throwing a tree or rock at him, which he throws back in a good case, and another option is to catch him on a leash and thus force him to do certain tasks. In this case, too, we can be benign or strict, selecting the leash accordingly. Our being can also be useful for decimating the enemy, as we can only command with our own hands in our own realm, but our being can also walk through the territory of the neighboring god. Of course, there are many more dangers lurking around him. The fighting of beings is also very fun. When two animals meet, they fight each other in a circular arena, a bit Mortal Kombat style. They hit and kick each other, but they can also use spells to defeat the other.

It is even interesting that on the occasion of our one-year birthday, we create our own website on which we post information and images, and we can make this public on the net.

In the course of our reign, by the way, both the landscape and our being change according to whether we are good or bad gods.

As we’ve already mentioned, there will of course be multiplayer gaming options as well. Molyneux also supports clans, so that a people can be ruled by more than one person at a time, each with his or her own hand.

In short, we will have a testable version available in 5-6 weeks, based on which we will write another article.