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Escape Room The Game: 2 Players Horror


Escape Room The Game: 2 Players Horror

Shuddering during the dark days

Now that the dark winter months are approaching, and Corona mainly keeps us inside and at home, it is of course all the more attractive to play a game. Recently we played the attractive horror game Nightmare Horror Adventure. Now that the escape rooms are no longer so suitable to play in Corona time, it is all the more fun to try this indoors with the well-known ‘Escape Room’ board game. We started working with Escape Room The Game: 2 Players Horror, a 2-player variant, which can also be played with more people. The three of us tackled the horror adventure.

In our case, the game consists of three games, and a short game of fifteen minutes to get to know the concept. However, we started with The Little Girl. Short story: Standing at the gates of Druston Prison, you mentally prepare yourself for your visit to the man you never wanted to see again: the Coroner. Four years ago you managed to arrest this monster and have it locked up. Over a period of 8 years, the Coroner had murdered 9 people, who he then left in all sorts of strange poses on the edge of the Druston forest. It took you years, but in the end you got him through a DNA match with a hair found on one of the first victims. It turns out that a copycat killer is present, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery.

You may be thinking, how does such a game work? Do you have a board with pawns, or do you have a deck of cards? No, you simply have a paper that can be unfolded into 3 segments. In addition, you have a physical, in our case via the app, digital Chrono Decoder that counts down the hour in which you have to complete the game. In addition, you can enter the 4 codes on the decoder that will take you further to the next stage. The decoder does not appear in this standard game, but as mentioned, it can be downloaded via an app in the Apple or Android store. Besides those mentioned, the app actually does practically nothing else. It is therefore a mystery to me why you have to download many MBs per different game you play in the app, but that aside. Teamwork is the key to success, and while unraveling the segments you are often busy solving 4 different puzzles. The puzzles are the key to success, where the key can be a number, shape, letter or correct character. The puzzles in The Little Girl are quite fun in their own right, and have turned out to be quite interesting as well. You basically have to face a terrifying girl who looks a bit like FEAR of The Ring. She plays games with you, and you have to figure out how to manipulate them. This includes 4 in 1 row, or for example and parsing a card. The latter in particular caused quite a bit of confusion, because how exactly were you supposed to determine the positions? Should you sit inside the square, or on the lines? It was not entirely clear to us to be honest, although we knew what to do, but this can cost the puzzle a lot of extra time. By dissecting and excluding the victims, you can move to certain positions on the map, which are the key to success. The last endgame, which is usually the shortest, will determine whether you succeed or not, but it is no disaster to pass the 60 minutes. You can request further hints as you wish, by using a red see-through screen. The hints are quite necessary, since you can regularly get stuck in the game. The hints are useful every now and then, but sometimes not, because sometimes you have already figured out things that are on the hints, but well, that makes sense in itself.

Two games

The second game we played was House by the Lake, an even spicier version than The Little Girl. You are driving in the middle of nowhere, together with your friend Max, on the way to a holiday home. The music is nice and loud and you are looking forward to it! Suddenly there is a huge bang and the car comes to a screeching halt. You get out and see a huge mess! The bottom of the car is ripped open and the bumper is off. This is not good. You try in vain to call the roadside assistance: no service. Then you will find a gas station nearby, but because the car has too much damage, you have to spend the night in ‘The House by the Lake’, and what happened there is hard to comprehend. This game in particular was quite challenging, and often didn’t quite make sense to us. Passing the dangerous dogs was very inventive in itself, and positioning the body parts correctly (I won’t spoil too much) was obvious in itself, but some of the other puzzles were also very unclear, even with the hints we got. The online walkthrough therefore offers a solution for those who can’t figure it out at all.

The puzzles are inventive, and especially more accessible in the first game we discussed. However, this is not an accessible game for everyone who has never played escape rooms. Personally, I’ve played about 10 of them in real-life, and even if you successfully complete them every now and then, you’ll find that this game will be quite a challenge. It is therefore not the easiest in the series of Escape Rooms that have come out. The game is unfortunately only playable, and therefore literally not repeatable, simply because this is not possible. You have to fold papers, tear off, fill in with pen/pencil and even peel off papers as body parts. This makes it a game that you won’t keep in your closet long after you’ve played it. Fortunately, the price is reasonably justifiable, since this is only 15 Euros for 2 games of an hour, so not very wrong in itself. For this you get solid material that fortunately does not fall apart and consists of good, sturdy paper. Do you like a big challenge, with a pretty interesting storyline, which gets even sinister every now and then? Then this is a great game for the winter months. However, if you’re looking for a very accessible game that doesn’t make you think too much, then this is definitely not for you.

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Author: Jeroen Janssen | Genre: Board game | Release: 2020 | Publisher: Identity Games | Developer: Identity GamesGraphics: † Sound: † Gameplay: † Controls: † Playback: 7.0+ Nice storylines+ Can also be played with more than 2 people+ Inventive puzzles- Playable once- Sometimes very unclear puzzles- Never get really scary