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Escape Room The Game: Time Travel available from September

Escape Room The Game: Time Travel available from September

After the great success of the first family edition of Escape Room The Game, families can unravel the mystery of Escape Room The Game: Time Travel from September. With the brand new game from the Rotterdam game publisher Identity Games, teamwork is the magic word, and you travel through time together. You’ll help Professor Jura with her time machine, and if you complete the mission well, you’ll even travel to the past and present! Work together to solve puzzles and find hidden clues, because that’s the key to escape. You only have 60 minutes, so keep your cool!

Compete with your family in a race against the clock. How well can you work together, find hidden clues and solve the puzzles? In this game you win or lose together; all players must give the best of themselves. If you’ve never played an Escape Room, get ready for a completely new experience. It’s unbelievable how quickly 60 minutes go by when you have to escape. Do you dare?

You’ve just learned that your history teacher, Professor Jura, is dedicating his private life to a battle with the evil supervillain Dr. Quarks. He wants to take over the city of Lockholm, which Professor Jura tries to prevent. But now things get serious and the professor needs your help before Quarks attacks her secret lab. You only have 60 minutes to find that lab and figure out how to start the time machine.

If this mission is successful you will enter the time machine. But can you land at the right time? And what happens after that? Because you only have 60 minutes of crystal energy left so you need to think fast and make decisions before you get stuck in the past. Finally, you land in the future, where you immediately find yourself in a dire situation. Can you and your team stop Doctor Quarks?

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