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Everything you need to know about God of War

Everything you need to know about God of War

At Sonyers we know that today, April 20thit is a very special day for all those fans who had been – we had – many years waiting for the arrival of God of War to the current generation of consoles.

It has been hard to get, but finally we have Kratos with us, who is accompanied by his son Atreus in a new adventure that will give us a journey through Norse mythology and will make us discover new stories, beasts, legends, customs, will make us travel in a small wooden canoe, face trolls, meet mythological beings like Jörmungandr, a serpent that surrounds Midgard and who will have a very special job on Ragnarök day.

Do not miss details of the premiere of God of War

These days we have offered you a huge amount of information about the game, and it is not for less, since the already high expectations grew when verifying with the analyzes that appeared that the game will not only not be up to the saga, but also which has achieved nothing less than the first place in the ranking of PS4 notes.

As it is possible that you have missed something, or simply want to dive back into any of the many news or special articles that we have prepared about God of War, here we want to offer you everything that has come out in recent days about the return of the God from the war.

Starting, of course, with the complete analysis that we publish in Sonyers, where you can find out our assessment of the game, its strengths and weaknesses and why we believe that the change in mythology and camera have been very good for the saga.

You can also discover five interesting facts about the game that you may not have known in this special article. Or take a look at our video impressions. Even knowing what the visit of Cory Barlog, its director, gave at the presentation of the game in Madrid.

We also want to highlight, for its originality, a story invented by one of our editors in which he talks about a meeting between Atreus and another young man who intends to teach him lessons.

All the news with just one click

Below we leave you all the news that has come out in recent days, so that you are aware of the news surrounding God of War, where we can see information as useful as the different special editions of the game, incentives for buying it in one or another store, interviews with developers, reports on his enemies, his soundtrack and much more:

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New gameplay video about the gameplay of God of War

Learn to fight like Kratos in the new God of War video

This is what God of War will occupy on our PS4 hard drive

God of War will have more game modes apart from the campaign

New PS4 promotional video with God of War and Spider-Man

Discover the God of War soundtrack on video

Santa Monica Studio teaches us different ways to fight in God of War

This is how amazing the God of War press kit is

Santa Monica Studio talks about the setting of God of War

Microsoft congratulates Sony on great God of War ratings

Cory Barlog and Chris Judge unbox the God of War Collector’s Edition

New video about the Norse mythology of God of War

A look at the God of War soundtrack with Bear McCreary

This is how Kratos is voiced in God of War

Hideo Kojima visits Santa Monica Studio, the creators of God of War

God of War achieves the first place in the ranking of PS4 notes

Explore Kratos’ evolution in the latest God of War trailer

Tour the God of War Bestiary with Cory Barlog

Discover everything that GAME has prepared for the arrival of God of War

Discover the God of War universe with Mimir’s Vision for mobile

This is the first ten minutes of God of War on PS4 Pro

This is Kratos’ first confrontation in God of War with an enemy at his height

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