Bungie and Activision Publishing present Destiny: The Taken King, the sequel to the epic blockbuster Destiny. With new adventures, campaigns, enemies and weapons, The Taken King is by far the largest and richest addition to the Destiny universe to date. The Taken King is available worldwide starting today, both digitally and in-store. The ‘King’s Fall’ Raid will also go live this Friday, September 18, at 7pm, giving the Destiny community the ultimate challenge!

The new story introduces Oryx, Crota’s vengeful father, a completely new location, new campaigns, three new subclasses of Guardians, a huge arsenal of new armor, weapons and other perks, new Strikes and Crucible maps. The Taken King expansion takes you to the dark depths of a new location, the ‘Dreadnaught’ ship, to defeat Crota’s vengeful father Oryx and his Taken Army. In the new ‘King’s Fall’ Raid you will be tested to the limit as a player. There’s never been a better time to start with Destiny and ‘Become Legend’ as Guardian.

“The biggest new game franchise in history is back!” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. For the millions of gamers who have already played Destiny, The Taken King offers epic new adventures. If you’re new to the Destiny Universe, now is the ultimate time to jump in. You immediately get all the fantastic adventures so far in one Legendary Edition, a very valuable package that you will not see in another game this year.

“Destiny has the best and most dedicated community in the world. When we started planning for the second year, we knew we had to come up with ways to keep players excited about everything Destiny stands for,” said Luke Smith, creative director for The Taken King at Bungie. “We want Destiny to reach its full potential with The Taken King to meet our audience’s expectations. Hopefully we have succeeded in our goal so well that we can also welcome new Guardians in this new part.”

For new players, The Legendary Edition includes: Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below, Expansion II: House of Wolves, and (featuring) The Taken King. Those who have already purchased Destiny and both expansions can also purchase a digital version of The Taken King separately. At launch, PlayStation gamers will have access to a variety of additional content for The Taken King, including a Strike, a Crucible map, three complete suits of armor and a weapon, and will run through at least Fall 2016. Each edition of The Taken King also includes a character upgrade called “Spark of Light”. With this one-time upgrade you go to level 25, the minimum level required to play The Taken King.


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